Daily Reading Jan 26

Tue Jan 26

The 9th house is ruled by Jupiter and the constellation Sagittarius.

Expansive energy, growth, education, travel, spiritual development and exploring new horizons are all 9th house endeavors.

I think about the expansiveness of Jupiter like Alice when she drinks a mysterious potion in the white rabbit’s house. Suddenly, she grows to several times her “normal” size, her arm shoots out the window, and her foot gets stuck in the chimney.

Paired with the two of cups, we are asked to consider our partnerships and collective ventures.

Perhaps you are part of a group that was formed for a particular purpose and has now run its course. Or maybe you are about to embark on a fresh new project with a new partner.

Regardless, change is in the works as you learn more about what is needed and what you want to do, as well as what resources are available to you at this time.

It will become increasingly clear not only where you are going but also who you want to accompany you on the journey.

Deck: Astro-Oracle and Tarot of the Cat People