Daily Reading Jan 27

Wed Jan 27

When I see Pluto, I think about secrets, powerful change, and the renewal of repeating cycles.

Pluto is associated with Scorpio and is also linked to death and the underworld.

In my readings, the Emperor usually represents structure, masculine energy, and power gained through control or dominance of others.

Emperor energy has a place in helping us stay organized and grounded in reality. On the other hand, it is deeply tied to the patriarchy we hope to dissolve.

Today asks us to look at how we, consciously or not, purposefully or not, participate in a system of gender inequity. A system that is quickly becoming obsolete as we move into a post-gender world.

There is still shadow work to do as we strive to understand what a just society really looks like. What is social justice, anyway? And how does it look to hold a liberal administration accountable for dismantling itself and redistributing power?

These are questions we continue to ask amidst rapidly changing times. We are presented with an opportunity to change habits, actions, relationships and beliefs that tie us to a dying regime.

These lessons of death, of change, and of transformation will teach us how to live going forward.

Deck: Astro-Oracle and Tarot of the Cat People