Daily Reading Jan 31

Sun Jan 31

Today is full of dreamy energy.

Neptune is the gateway to our imagination. Behind the watery veil, we see the hidden words of our fantasies and fears.

Neptune is in Pisces right now, and combined with Mercury in Retrograde it might be difficult to tell dreams from reality.

Four of Swords advises us not to resist this surreal energy. Instead, let yourself daydream and let your mind water. Be careful, however, of complete withdrawal.

This is just a brief resting point on a longer journey. Neptune can tempt us to live with the “lotus eaters,” ignoring reality in favor of our own interpretation of events. The shadow side of these dreamy waters is addiction and denial. It is all too easy to get lost in the narcotic bliss of dreamland.

In the Tarot, fours generally indicate a time of conservation and rest before beginning the next phase of growth. This is a good time to reflect on alternate realities and future possibilities.

In the context of social justice, these cards remind us to imagine not a future where only our personal problems are resolved, but to stretch our minds to envision a scenario with peace and prosperity for all of humanity.

Deck: Astro-Oracle and Tarot of the Cat People