Daily Reading Feb 2

Tue Jan 2

Today’s cards ask us to examine our ideas of prosperity and wealth and how those beliefs around money are linked to our feelings of security and protection.

Jupiter and Venus are the planets of money and luck. Your 2nd house indicates where you may be most skilled at generating resources, while the 8th house may indicate how you use your and other people’s money in financial systems. Your Saturn placement can indicate how you feel about money in general.

Personally, I have struggled with money my whole life. With Saturn in my second house, I constantly feel like I never have enough and that what I do have could be easily lost. Jupiter in my 12th house makes me dreamy and unrealistic, not interested in practical reality. And Venus conjunct my Aries sun in the 10th house gives me the nagging feeling that I have more earning potential than I care to tap into.

This is true, of course, I could have been a doctor, lawyer, or school superintendent. I used to think I was just lazy, but now I see that I could not sacrifice myself to systems I don’t believe in.

As an artist, I still have a day job (I’m an administrative assistant to one of the Deans at our community college). Note that I am not the Dean. I am qualified to be, and I know if I’d wanted that I could have had it. But that’s not where my passion lies.

I’ve had to reconcile myself to the fact that the work I find most fulfilling and purposeful, the work you are reading right now, is not easily monetized in our economy. But that does not mean it isn’t valuable to others or to society.

I dream of an economy where we are able to live and thrive by doing what we love and are good at, not what pays the most or allows us to “make a living.” I’m already living, dammit! And I couldn’t care less about money. I’m glad to have it so we don’t starve or become homeless, but I have zero desire to pursue it. I have chosen relative security over potential prosperity.

Our ongoing Venus-Saturn conjunction along with Mercury retro in Aquarius is a major invitation to reexamine our values around just about everything – love, money, networking and communication.

As we grow, we keep love top of mind.