Daily Reading Feb 4

Thu Feb 4

Today may bring wonderful and seemingly miraculous new ideas or information.

The threes in Tarot are full of potential. They are the next step after successful partnership or balance of the twos.

The three of wands indicates new adventure on the horizon. This could be an interesting idea you implement, a fresh romance, a new job, travel, or simply fortuitous changes to your existing circumstance.

In terms of social justice, this card combo reminds us that what appear to be miracles also have a large component of hard work. Even if that work is invisible in the form of faith and values, it still can take concentrated effort to keep that faith in yourself and in the universe over the long haul.

I recommend the very interesting “A Course in Miracles” a 1976 book by Helen Schucman. Fair warning, it has all the red flags of spiritual bypassing and it is presented as the word of Christ as dictated to a white woman. So take it with a grain of salt. I see it as a useful research text to reference in exploring these ideas and it is an accessible introduction into the Christian idea of miracles, which is of course just one tiny corner (and an oft abused one at that) of the magic world.

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