Daily Reading Feb 7

Sun Feb 7

Today’s cards are full of childlike energy.

The Page of Wands is another harbinger of new beginnings. They represent enthusiasm, excitement, creativity and exploration.

This Page asks you to look at your projects and responsibilities with the eyes of a child. What do children bring to their “work?”

Little ones are innocent, curious, open to new ideas, interested in how things work, don’t make assumptions, rarely have expected outcomes, are OK not being in control, and prioritize fun and play when making decisions.

Of course kids can also create chaos as a form of personal power, be resistant to change, and freak out when unexpected events occur.

Being a kid is hard work, but it is also a time of life that is infused with miracles and magic.

Personally I think that kids are taken for granted in American society. We love to talk about how they need to be “protected and saved” yet when young people speak up and assert their needs or suggest there might be a better way they are often silenced and marginalized because they are outside of the capitalist structure, where value is tied to the market. If we really wanted to center American life around children, well… let’s just say that functioning daycare is the least of our problems.

I offer you these ideas as a meditation on your idea of “childhood.” What might it mean for you to be more childlike in your approach?

On the flip side, where are you infantilizing young folks or simply new ideas as not being wise enough or mature enough to take seriously?

Deck: Tarot of a Moon Garden and Healing with the Angels Oracle