Daily Reading Feb 8

Monday Feb 8

Today’s cards represent positive emotional energy, self-confidence, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Relationships or partnerships are likely to play a role in this goodwill. Carnelian gemstone encourages us to stand tall in our convictions and to be confident in our ideas and aspirations.

Through being honest with ourselves, facing the skeletons in our own closet, and engaging in ongoing emotional healing work we may come to more fully understand what kind of partner we are or at least strive to be. Then we understand what kind of partner we need.

Confidence is attractive in a way desperation or self-deprecation is not. You will draw those people to you who appreciate your authentic self.

If you enter partnerships or relationships compromising your needs or values, you will be stuck in that false role for the duration of the relationship, hesitant to show your true self for fear of rejection. In my experience, this is a fast track to depression and anxiety. I have spent a lot of years trying to be what people wanted or expected me to be, especially at work or in any cooperative endeavor, and it only leads to low self-esteem, frustration, and resentment.

True satisfaction on a soul level can only come from authentic partipation in life. Making yourself smaller (or less emotional, or less witty, or less sexy, or more fancy, or more serious, etc.) to suit other people’s needs, even if it earns short term praise and validation, will only weaken your confidence and emotional fulfillment in the long run.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and Eternal Crystals Oracle