Daily Reading Feb 10

Wed Feb 10

Today’s cards wonder if there is a different path to your destination.

With Aquarian energy high, there are many new ideas floating about. We are learning new things, honing fresh tools, and reinventing how we accomplish mundane tasks.

If there is a project or idea you have been wanting to bring to life, this is a fruitful time to explore different ways you might make that dream a reality.

This is a good time for learning practical skills through trial and error. I really want to create an oracle deck and get it printed and for sale, for example. I’m about halfway through the art creation, but yesterday I started learning about print on demand services and other ways I might bring it to market. I even played around with Printify and Gelato and created some products for my Etsy shop to get a feel for how it might work. Next I’ll probably join a Reddit group with other deck makers to crowd source ideas for where to get the first run printed and other things I don’t know how to do.

I have always wanted to be a career artist but could see no path to get there. Lately I feel a shift in my own perspective and many possibilities for creating. And I have learned to redefine my idea of career (a tough thing for this 10th house Aries sun) as more than just how I “make a living.” It us also how I share my vision with the world.

Finding a new way forward can mean forging a different path, but it can also involve changing your outlook and expectations based on current realities. I am only a frustrated artist in the context of capitalist success. Outside of that structure, my art is divine magic.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and Eternal Crystals Oracle