Daily Reading Feb 11

Thu Feb 11

The message that keeps coming through today is, “give it a rest!”

Somewhere someone is trying to hard to force a situation that requires the opposite approach. Today’s cards encourage a deep connection between heart and mind and a commitment to action based on empathy as well as strong boundaries.

I have heard it said that empathy without boundaries is abuse. It sounds counterintuitive, but the trap many highly sensitive people fall into is anticipating other people’s feelings and acting to either enhance or prevent those reactions. We may believe we are helping the other person, or we may be acting out of fear of receiving the full brunt of that person’s emotion. Either way, these are not authentic actions and tread dangerously close to codependency.

It’s not inherently wrong to use your talents to help others. But be careful of trying to save people who never asked for your help in the first place. Not only are you interfering with their growth, but you also run the risk of burning yourself out being on high alert to all the pain and sadness that you pick up when your psychic radar is constantly on savior mode. Thinking you can save anyone is an ego based belief and it can cause a great deal of stress when it is in fact not your responsibility.

Today’s new moon reminds us to take care of our own business before we get up in other people’s. Working as a collective is about what we can bring to the table. It is not running around and cooking everybody’s meal for them because you’re concerned they’ll mess up the food.

Let people make their own mistakes. Trying to prevent other people’s pain will only cause them a detour on their life path. The lesson will be learned eventually, one way or the other. Of course you can give your opinion, but don’t tie your expectations or your own well being to another person’s actions.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and Eternal Crystals Oracle