Daily Reading Feb 13

Sat Feb 13

Today gives us the courage to set our boundaries with confidence, knowing that asserting our limits is respectful to ourselves and others.

In the natural world, animals rarely act out of a sense of obligation. Some highly organized societies, such as primates like chimpanzees or gorillas, do have complex interpersonal relationships. But if a young gorilla tries to steal the best bamboo from her big sister, she might get clobbered or bit. And everyone knows not to get too presumptuous when the big silverback is around.

Today’s ten of wands from the Spiritsong deck features a donkey. You may never have tried to overload a mule, but if the animal’s burden is too much to carry it will simply stop walking. Or notice if you’ve been out exercising with your dog and they just decide they’re done and you have to carry them home.

Animals may work themselves to death or risk their lives to save their owners because it is behaviorally expected of them, not necessarily out of a sense of duty or obligation.

There are always exceptions, of course, but I use these examples to illustrate the idea that if you take on too much in the name of service you may actually create a setback instead of being helpful. Overworking because you think you have to or should is a sure recipe for burnout. And when you are defeated, sick, or exhausted you cannot be in full service to yourself or anyone else.

Additionally, if you let other people transgress your boundaries, that’s not kindness. You run the risk of being harmed and the other person is not held accountable. Let’s take the example of the baby gorilla. If big sister gives her the biggest bamboo, she might be happy but her sister might go hungry. If the Silverback tolerates noisy play in the afternoon, it might attract predators that endanger his family group. Boundaries, when enacted with love and authenticity, actually create clarity for everyone involved.

Only you know your limits, thus you are responsible for communicating your needs and desires to others. Your personal strength is enhanced with authentic aligned action.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and Divine Feather Messenger oracle