Daily Reading Feb 22

Mon Feb 22

Today’s cards remind us to not get stuck in overthinking, and to regicmize that we might not arrive at all our necessary answers simply via rational thought.

At the same time, manifestation is more than just wishful thinking. We must combine our rational thoughts with intuition and instinct to create magic.

Magic requires that we step outside of the conventional norms of resistance. This requires courage and self awareness. We are conditioned to believe that our success is dependent on our own innate abilities and how hard we work to apply them to the traditional structures of society. Earning straight A’s on your report card is an example of this linear and traditionally defined achievement.

This kind of performance is respected and can of course generate power and opportunity for the superstar student. But the risk lies on the performance itself . I know from my personal experience that those grades weren’t what mattered; it was the praise and reputation as a “good student” that meant the most.

What is missing from this equation is chaos and failure. I did not make a “catastrophic mistake” until well into adulthood. As we all know, chaos is where the magic happens and failure is how we learn and grow.

In performing so well to other people’s expectations, I paid no attention to my own needs and desires. Thinking about the Chariot cards from yesterday, I held tight to the reigns of my cart. I did not leave room for magic. I did not leave space for mystery. It was a one-way mission to the top. It was a relief to finally give up control, but it was a far fall from perfection for me.

Manifestation requires both intent and allowing. Often the universe gives us what we need even if it is not in the form we expected or desired. With the right attitude, we can learn from these challenges and increase our resilience and personal power in the process.

Deck: Brady Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle