Daily Reading Mar 2

Tue Mar 2

Today’s cards ask: Are you bringing your best to the table, or are you holding back out of fear or resentment?

We all have unique skills and talents to contribute in this world. Sometimes it can get discouraging when things don’t go our way, we are not recognized for our efforts or, even worse, we are shunned because of our unique and individual way of being.

Unity is not everyone thinking, feeling, and acting the same. We will experience freedom and community when we are able to be our true selves and contribute to the collective in a way that brings us joy. I for one do not understand how we will address issues of mental health in our society when the very expectations of being a “functioning adult” are soul killing and compromise our health and well being at every turn. How did things get this way, and can we ever recover?

Some days it is harder than others to see the light, to be optimistic, to hope for a better tomorrow. Sometimes I want to just give up and slip back into the narcotic bliss of pop culture where happiness is only a new pair of shoes away. Except no one can afford new shoes and there’s no place to wear them anyway, so what’s the point?

Today’s energy seems to ask that we dig deep to find that thing that makes us happy, satisfied, and renewed. By identifying and cultivating the hobbies, habits, and rituals that bring us joy, we resist the constraints of a society that causes pain when we do not comply, when we suffer, grieve, or fail.

Not only can we fall back on this internal reservoir when we are struggling, but it also gives us strength to bring our authentic selves to partnerships and relationships. In doing so we begin to develop communities of shared values and mutual respect for our differences.

Deck: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of the Cat People