Tarot Reading: Week of 4/19 – 4/25

Mon-Tue 4/19-20
Seven of Cups (Shells)
As the Sun moves into Taurus along with Mercury it aligns with Venus and Uranus to form a stellium, or cluster, of planets. We may have fresh realizations about our personal needs and, as a result, seek new ways of doing things. Cooking, gardening, and self-care may be priority. We are interested in boundaries of all kinds. Underlying all this action is the expectant energy of possibility. There are still many ideas in incubation; what will we discover once they hatch?

Wed-Thu 4/21-22
King of Cups (Shells)
Midweek we move from exploring our options to taking decisive action on something we feel strongly about. We had an inkling that things needed to change and now we are not only certain but we are invested in the outcome of the situation. Given the astrology of the moment, we are likely to communicate forcefully about issues that are important to our self-image. How we feel about ourselves is paramount, and we are likely to want to share what we feel.

Fri-Sat 4/23-25
Four of Coins (Crystals) (rev)
The weekend finds us seeking some rest from a relatively emotional week. The cluster of planets between Aries and Taurus gives us a simultaneous need to seek security and create necessary change, desires that are clearly at odds and that create a tension that can be draining. There is no need to overcompensate by trying to work or organize your way into controlling the situation. Instead, seek those simple things, such as a bubble bath, your favorite cookies, or fresh flowers, that soothe your soul and make you feel comfortable and safe.

Oracle: Robin
Springtime is the season for robins, signifying the start of a cycle of life. As the sun moves into the fixed sign of Taurus, spring in the northern hemisphere literally comes into full bloom. With this energy we are asked to embrace necessary change. Like birds that migrate with no guarantee that the same nesting grounds will be available year after year, we must trust that our intuition guides us toward the best possible future we can create for ourselves and for the collective.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot
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