Reading for the New Moon June 2021

Cards and message for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse Thursday, June 10:

Although it seems like things should be set in motion right now, it is actually not a time of productive action. The combination of Mercury retrograde and the timing of the eclipse, along with a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and Mars-Neptune conjunction could have us spinning our wheels yet stuck in the mud, longing to manifest of dreams that always seem to lie just beyond the horizon.

Despite our dreamlike fantasies of utopian worlds, there is some real apprehension about taking the first steps toward a difficult and overwhelming project or goal that we know we need to deal with. We need to remember that progress is slow and growth may still be occurring even if it is not visible on a day to day basis. We also should recognize that we have the skills to do this task if we don’t force or try to control the outcome.

It is a good time to trust our intuition and to respect the natural order of how things are meant to unfold. There are choices ahead, and the answers we seek lie deep within our subconscious. Keeping with the general theme of eclipses, things that we may have long hidden or denied ourselves may begin to resurface.

Respect for ourselves, for our ancestors, for the collective, and for those forces that are beyond our control are all guiding concepts of this new moon. Listen to your inner voice for clues as to what is needed, and gently turn your attention and energy toward tasks that move you in that general direction.

Deck: Prism Tarot by @shopthe8thhouse and my own Rock Star Oracle deck (available in my Etsy shop).

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