Daily Reading Mar 19

Fri Mar 19

Today we explore the relationship between our own creative force versus what we may create with the help of others.

In the Spiritsong Tarot featured here, the Ace of Wands is depicted as a Ram and Wands as the renewing symbol of acorns.

This is an interesting card combo when paired with the 7th house, because it represents the natural polarity between Aries and Libra.

In the wheel of the zodiac, each sign has a polar opposite that reflects complementary aspects of that sign. Aries, or the 1st house, signifies “I am” while Libra or the 7th house, says “We are.”

Aries is about ourselves, our identity, and our ego. Libra helps us take what we know about ourselves and apply it to our chosen relationships and partnerships. The inventive and creative fire of Aries initiates action on the sturdy, balanced earth energy of Libra. Libra helps Aries make their grand dreams a reality. Aries helps Libra innovate.

This is a personal polarity for me as I have my South node in Aries and North Node in Libra. Part of my karmic journey is learning to integrate my highly individualistic and ego-driven personality into serving the collective. Group work is extremely challenging for me as I want to either take charge or check out altogether. This is where my black and white thinking can get the most extreme and creates an “all or nothing” attitude.

I’m learning how to release control in the name of collaboration. This may not necessarily mean partnership, but it does mean thinking about my relationship with my audience. It is helpful for me to think as much about how I am helping others as I do about expressing myself in a “successful” way.

If I only focus on my own critical expectations, I may miss the magical moments where I actually make a difference in the world.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and AstroOracle

Daily Reading Mar 18

Thu Mar 18

Today’s cards speak to our ongoing tension between stability and transformation.

The Ten of Pentacles (illustrated here as an Alligator, with crystals as Pentacles) is steeped in the structured earth energy of Saturn.

Pluto carries the transformational energy of birth, death and renewal. Pluto is power, but where will it’s explosive energy be deployed?

These cards ask us to question where we may have gotten so comfortable in the name of security that we miss opportunities for positive growth or change. It may also point to the responsibility for social change that some still resist so they may maintain power.

Pluto demands that we act on what we know. It reminds us that what has been seen cannot be unseen, and forces us to make changes (transformational in nature) based on what has been revealed.

I must cut to the chase and remind the collective that this is directly tied to white supremacy and how we either complicity uphold or actively dismantle white power. If you are on social media you have certainly seen calls to name the recent shootings as what they are: racially motivated hate crimes against Asian women. One example of today’s energy in practice is ensuring the narrative continues to bring this point home, even as excuses are made for the shooter and his actions. Whiteness protects whiteness and then gaslights those who tell a different story.

We cannot continue as though there is no need for transformation now that desperate cries for change have reached our ears.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and AstroOracle

Daily Reading Mar 17

Wed Mar 17

Today’s cards feature Sedna, a dwarf planet at the edge of our solar system. Astronomers only became aware of it’s existance in 2003.

Named for the Inuit diety associated with icy ocean waters and marine life, Sedna is associated with the transformative power of loss. The myth of this goddess is quite intense and is worth exploring to better understand this Persephone-like archetype.

Paired with the firey five of wands (pictured here as a Jaguar on the five of acorns) Sedna guides us toward resilience.

Challenge is inevitable, whether brought on by our own choices or as a result of circumstances beyond our control. What matters is how we deal with the adversity life throws our way. Of course we would prefer to avoid suffering, but when we do experience pain and grief that can reveal parts of ourselves, inner strength and personal power, that we were not previously in tune with.

This inner resilience can in turn be used to reduce future suffering for ourselves and others. Healing ourselves is the first step in healing society. If we never deal with our own hurt and trauma, we risk perpetuating it in our own ancestry and repeating the patterns of oppression and abuse that created our emotional injury.

Today I want to add an extra disclaimer about Tarot in general. Tarot is a practice of divination that traces back in large part to Roma culture. For thousands of years, people have been persecuted for practicing what I now post here without pain or consequence. This is an acknowledgement that the history of cartography is bound up with oppression and trauma for many cultures, and in using cards to deliver my daily messages for the collective I hope to take responsibility for my ancestral role in this oppression. As I wrote above, it is our responsibility to address suffering, especially if we brought it on through our own actions, intentional or not. In doing so we may clear a karmic debt for future generations.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and AstroOracle

Daily Reading Mar 16

Tue Mar 16

Today’s cards are an interesting invitation to dive into our past.

Let’s take a minute to talk about the North and South nodes. In astronomy, these are lunar nodes, the points where the Moon in her orbit intersects the ecliptic plane of earth’s orbit.

In astrology, these nodes in our natal chart align with our karmic path. The South Node represents where and who we have been in past lives, while to North node points thecway toward our destiny in this lifetime and gives us some information about our life purpose, or that action which is most in alignment with our individual soul journey.

On a collective level, we can look at the daily node transits to see where we are traveling on our evolutionary path as humans. Right now the North Node is in Gemini and the South Node is in Sagittarius. Gemini = ideas and communication and Sagittarius = learning and exploration. How do you read this transit?

I would say that we are being asked to use the lessons we learned during the past 6 months to inform our ideas and communication moving forward.

The appearance of the Hierophant (depicted as an eagle Shaman in this deck) gives a decidedly spiritual flavor to this reading. It encourages us to focus on those lessons that center around our spiritual traditions. Are we continuing traditions because they are important and have personal or collective value, or are we simply going through the motions because it is expected of us, or because we fear what will happen if we don’t do what we’ve always done?

It may be a good time to consider the intersection between knowledge of spiritual tradition and how you actually enact that knowledge in practice. Some things to consider might be avoiding appropriation, honoring your own ancestral traditions, and keeping an eye out for spiritual bypassing.

The privilege of whiteness requires extra care in examining how we (white ppl) use spiritual tools to dismantle, not sustain, systems of oppression.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and AstroOracle

In This New World

In this new world,
I watch the rain for hours.

I know the sparrows by their
brown striped chests,
and golden crowns.

In this new world
there is time

to watch a butterfly
unfold her wings
in the warm rays of morning

or to trace the shadow
of the house next door
as the sun cuts across the sky,

Each day
the patch of light
on the back porch
grows brighter.

In this new world,
I check each day to see
if the plum tree
has blossomed.

I measure the size
of the puddle where
the gutter is rotted through

and look for snails
among the cabbage leaves
in this new world.

Now, we have left the hive
and spend hours
in the backyard
chatting with the bees.

Daily Reading Mar 15

Mon Mar 15

Today’s cards help us feel abundant in our skills and abilities.

Vesta is the brightest asteroid visible from earth. She is also the Roman goddess of hearth and home.

Paired with the nine of pentacles (or crystals in this Tarot deck) Vesta emphasizes the prosperity that may be generated by consistent dedication to a cause or craft.

This is the blending of earth and fire. In a dwelling that is heated by a wood burning stove or fireplace, the “home fire” must be kept burning at a slow and steady pace, both to keep the house at a comfortable temperature and to conserve fuel for the long term.

If all the wood is burned at once, there may be an exciting and delightfully warm evening of towering flames, but only cinders remain the next day.

Likewise, if there is not enough attention given to keeping the fire going, it will die out and leave the house cold and dark until it can be rekindled.

In this way, we are reminded to tend to our work with loving care. This is not meant to encourage productivity for its own sake. We are not in a race to get done first or to complete the most tasks.

Instead, it is a gentle reminder to pace yourself and be mindfulof your own needs to avoid burning or fading out.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and AstroOracle

Daily Reading Mar 14

Sun Mar 14

Dreamy new moon energy continues with an invitation to dive into our inner worlds.

Today’s Rock Star Oracle is Robert Smith / Reflection. Combined with the Page of Staffs, it guides us to look inward at our own vast personal landscape.

This new moon has moved into Aries where it is conjunct the minor planet / comet Chiron. In astrology, Chiron is nicknamed the “wounded warrior” and it’s placement in your natal chart may indicate where your needs were not met in childhood. It may also indicate an area of inherited (epigenetic) trauma.

This moon-Chiron conjunction is also sextile Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius.

We may be motivated to confront some long dormant issues from youth that have recently come to light.

We may also be ready to change our habits or behaviors to cast off old and outdated coping strategies that served to protect in youth but are actually impeding our emotional growth as adults.

Transits with Chiron are an opportunity to forgive hurts we may have repressed in order to survive. When these dormant feelings are revealed, there is an invitation to heal.

You may be able to harness the energy of this changing season and cycle to transform those parts of yourself that are ready to be experienced and explored.

Deck: Tarot of a Moon Garden and the Rock Star Oracle

Daily Reading Mar 13

Sat Mar 13

“And the time keeps going on by
And I wonder what is to become of me
And I’m unsure, I can’t see my way
And he says, ‘Lady, you don’t need to see’ “
-Stevie Nicks, “Lady”

The new moon in Pisces ushers in a magic dreamscape.

With Neptune and Venus both in the mix, our feelings are positive and romantic, perhaps even overly idealistic or utopian in nature.

Today’s Rock Star Oracle is Stevie Nicks / Faith “Try Making Magic”

One message here, with the Ten of Cups, is to take a leap of faith when it comes to your emotional fulfillment.

You are more capable and resilient than you think. Not everything has to be, or can be, reduced to logic and reason. Sometimes you just have to trust yourself to go forward in confidence. You won’t be perfect, but that’s a good thing. Your emotions are to be experienced, not controlled.

Another message here is to let yourself enjoy life! You can fight for social justice and still appreciate your own abundance. Satisfaction with yourself is actually an anti-capitalist stance. If you are content, capitalism cannot sell you a solution to your problems. You do not have to suffer in order to lift others out of suffering.

Isn’t the ultimate goal of our spiritual work to create paradise on earth and end human suffering? Let it begin with us. Today’s cards suggest that a leap of faith could be just the magic you need to generate joy.

New Moon in Pisces – March 2021

Tarot reading + astrology for the coming moon cycle

Decks: Sharman-Castelli Tarot and my own Rock Star Oracle

This New moon carries intense Pisces energy, with Venus, Neptune, and the Sun clustered together with the moon in this sign. It is born in a watery dreamworld, field by fantastic visions of harmony and beauty. As the moon grows, we may discover parts of ourselves we did not even know existed. There may be a new understanding of shared values and how we see ourselves in the world.

This is the “Worm Moon” and ushers in a time of fertile growth. During this moon cycle, a new seasonal year will begin with the onset of Spring. This corresponds to the movement of the Sun into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and a symbolic new beginning. The energy of collective knowledge fuels this year’s cycle, as we learn to incorporate the lessons of the past year into our personal and, in turn, social lives.


written for the collective and informed by social justice

Our situation: Hierophant (rev)
The positives and negatives of our situation: The Devil
Events of the immediate past: Two of Pentacles
Events of the near future: The Moon (rev)
What do we consciously want: Six of Cups
What do we subconsciously desire: Ace of Swords
Our energy: Three of Swords
Others’ energy: Four of Swords (rev)
Advice from Spirit: Five of Pentacles (rev)
Likely outcome: Knight of Pentacles
Oracle: Look Beyond Your Boundaries

We are rebelling against traditional ideas of religion, faith, and spirituality. There is a disconnect between existing traditions and values and new ideas that are coming into being.

We are torn between the comfort of our captivity and the discomfort of freedom. We walk a fine line between dancing with our demons and allowing them to run the show. At the same time, there is no benefit to be gained by ignoring these shadows altogether. We must learn to integrate all parts of the human experience in a path toward unity.

We have been juggling material resources, learning to use what we have been given. Without an influx of new beginnings, we have been resourceful, digging deep into our storehouse of knowledge and experience to make it through a difficult and long winter.

We are heading into a time of deep self-reflection, inner exploration, and shadow work that relates to our role in the collective. Much of the fear and trepidation that was present at the end of last year has dissipated and we experience a renewal of hope. The “light at the end of the tunnel” now shines brightly and we want to ensure it’s warmth reaches and sustains everyone.

We are hungry for nostalgia, we crave the comfort of the past, we hope that moving forward there will be some shreds of “the way things were.” There is still a lot of grief about the loss of normality that was brought about a year ago. Whether we feel good about the changes that ensued or not, there is still grieving to be done for all that has changed.

At the same time, we are more aware of the racism, classism, and other oppressive structures that have been once again highlighted as a result of our overall societal disruption. We desire a clean break from the past, but not one that forgets what we have learned. We want a new concept of being. A new beginning.

We are heartbroken in many ways by the lack of collective compassion. We are torn by the lack of empathy displayed by so many in our society and even across the globe. We hold a tremendous amount of grief for all that has been lost over the past year, both in lives and in a sense of stability. Even if we believe these changes are for the best, even if we have personally benefited from the current circumstances, there is still overall grief and adjustment to the massive change and loss.

Society overall, and perhaps even people in our own lives, still may not understand or believe the full implications of the pandemic. There are many defenses that shield people from the truth. Defense mechanisms that people use to keep the abyss at bay. But the darkness still exists, and it is necessary to stop and deal with the reality of our situation if we are to heal and move forward as a society and even as a species.

Our guides remind us that it is not helpful to act like a martyr or to hold a mindset of fear or scarcity. It can seem like there are not enough people working for social change or that there are not enough hours in the day or resources available to bring about desired change. It may be more helpful, however, to keep our eye on those things we are doing to create change, to heal ourselves, to learn about and act in service of anti-racism. There is no wrong way to travel our spiritual journey or exist in this lifetime. We are reminded that life is in many ways what we make it, and if we focus only on the problems we may lose sight of the actual solution.

We are on the cusp of a change in fortune, a prosperous new beginning. The new ideas we have planted send up promising new shoots. Despite our loss, opportunities for growth are on the horizon. It is up to us to use these emerging opportunities and a respectful and social responsible way.

Oracle: Leonard Cohen / Transcend
“Look Beyond Your Boundaries”
This is a time to abandon whatever is not serving you or acting in your best interest. Use the knowledge you gain from introspection and insight to fuel your decisions. Do not feel that you have to conform to old versions of yourself or to traditional ways of doing things, especially if they no longer suit your needs and desires.


Ongoing Transits:

1/13-6/28 Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus
This ongoing transit challenges our relationship to group values and dynamics, and the structures that keep them together. New, practical realities emerge, but not without the destruction or dissolution of outdated ways of being

2/28-4/22 Sun Conjunct Venus in Pisces
During this transit we may gain some insight into our collective values. We begin to shape our ideas and emotions into action. As spring approaches so does our shared hope for a better future founded not on love and light but on purposeful, concrete plans for change. The roots of revolution begin to flower; results of invisible underground work are now seen on the surface.

3/3-3/19 Sun Conjunct Neptune in Pisces
During this transit, we have insight into new information. Secrets may be revealed. We may have insight into parts of ourselves previously unknown. We may learn to communicate in a brand new way.

3/5 – 4/6 Mars Trine Saturn
We may move forward in a structured way, perhaps a job promotion or some other traditional hierarchical ascent. Movement within and around existing structures has more fiery and intense energy during this time.

New Transits:

3/15 Mercury enters Pisces
We see the connection between dreams and, not necessarily reality, but the symbols we use to construct reality. The subconscious is seen, discussed, and recognized. We disconnect from established structures of language and time. The “time changes” we are magically gifted another hour in the day, emphasizing the constructed reality of time itself. the time only changes because we collectively agree it to be so.

3/16 – 3/31 Mercury in Pisces square Mars in Gemini
We may have the energy to speak what has been long suppressed. There may be an urge to change or disrupt aspects of the immediate environment in order for personal growth to occur. This growth may be based on dreamlike or deep personal visions. We may have the urge to communicate but be unable to, or our message may be misunderstood, perhaps based on lack of context.

3/20 Sun enters Aries / Spring equinox
This is the midpoint between the solstices, and it carries the energy of new beginnings. With the sun moving into Aries, we carry our lessons from the collective and allow them to fuel individual action. The last year has shown us how individualism, or thinking exclusively of our personal well being, is not a sustainable or desirable worldview when viewed through the lens of social justice. We now have a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we might show up in this new season.

3/21 Venus enters Aries
We move from dreaming about our values to connecting them to individual action. We see how our ego may or may not bring our dreams to life. Where can we help ourselves, and where are we getting in our own way? Don’t let the fiery energy of spring project you too far off course. Are you acting for the common good or for personal glory?

3/28 Full Moon in Libra
This full moon turns our eye toward a just and equitable recovery as we begin to “return to normal” and there is a strong desire to ensure that social justice is not forgotten as we begin to emerge from a long slumber.

3/28 – 5/6 Mars trine Jupiter
Expansive fiery energy will flow from Jupiter to Mars as it transits from Gemini to Cancer during these several weeks.

3/28 – 4/23 Mars square Neptune
We may be more concerned with our ego than with the collective good during this time, or at least feel a conflicting energy between the two.