Reading for the New Moon June 2021

Cards and message for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse Thursday, June 10:

Although it seems like things should be set in motion right now, it is actually not a time of productive action. The combination of Mercury retrograde and the timing of the eclipse, along with a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and Mars-Neptune conjunction could have us spinning our wheels yet stuck in the mud, longing to manifest of dreams that always seem to lie just beyond the horizon.

Despite our dreamlike fantasies of utopian worlds, there is some real apprehension about taking the first steps toward a difficult and overwhelming project or goal that we know we need to deal with. We need to remember that progress is slow and growth may still be occurring even if it is not visible on a day to day basis. We also should recognize that we have the skills to do this task if we don’t force or try to control the outcome.

It is a good time to trust our intuition and to respect the natural order of how things are meant to unfold. There are choices ahead, and the answers we seek lie deep within our subconscious. Keeping with the general theme of eclipses, things that we may have long hidden or denied ourselves may begin to resurface.

Respect for ourselves, for our ancestors, for the collective, and for those forces that are beyond our control are all guiding concepts of this new moon. Listen to your inner voice for clues as to what is needed, and gently turn your attention and energy toward tasks that move you in that general direction.

Deck: Prism Tarot by @shopthe8thhouse and my own Rock Star Oracle deck (available in my Etsy shop).

The Rock Star Oracle Deck & Guidebook

The Rock Star Oracle is live! The sample deck arrived and it looks gorgeous. I decided not to bother with a pre-sale so you can order right now in my shop.

It comes with a 45-page PDF guidebook. There are 18 individual hand-collaged art cards inspired by artists such as Leonard Cohen, Prince, Beck, and Dolly Parton. It is an excellent stand alone deck for creative inspiration and self reflection, or use it to compliment your existing Tarot decks.

Poem & Collage for the Sun in Taurus

Deck: Sharman-Castello Tarot

A garden mermaid stands
succulent in her certainty
containing what is needed

each current has its own agenda
and water will not flow
to suit your desire

we harvest new ideas
put plans into action
stand close and watch
for tight buds to flower

sometimes it seems easier
to ignore the ants
under the windowsill
or aphids on the foxglove

nature’s details prevail
and the only sure defeat
is to expect perfection

can we learn to accept
the constant turning
the seasons, the endless
wheel of the year?

Always there is the longing
to honor each expanding bloom
as sand drips in the hourglass

we must learn to love the moment
even knowing
that the moment must end

In each other we see
a waterfall of creation

our river of dreams
may hit rocks of reality
and burst into being

in this fertile ground
the seeds we thought
too strange for planting
may yet yield
an abundant harvest
given favorable conditions

as spring discovers it’s full glory
the bees see flowers
fat with pollen
shining with enterprise.

Tarot Reading: Week of 4/19 – 4/25

Mon-Tue 4/19-20
Seven of Cups (Shells)
As the Sun moves into Taurus along with Mercury it aligns with Venus and Uranus to form a stellium, or cluster, of planets. We may have fresh realizations about our personal needs and, as a result, seek new ways of doing things. Cooking, gardening, and self-care may be priority. We are interested in boundaries of all kinds. Underlying all this action is the expectant energy of possibility. There are still many ideas in incubation; what will we discover once they hatch?

Wed-Thu 4/21-22
King of Cups (Shells)
Midweek we move from exploring our options to taking decisive action on something we feel strongly about. We had an inkling that things needed to change and now we are not only certain but we are invested in the outcome of the situation. Given the astrology of the moment, we are likely to communicate forcefully about issues that are important to our self-image. How we feel about ourselves is paramount, and we are likely to want to share what we feel.

Fri-Sat 4/23-25
Four of Coins (Crystals) (rev)
The weekend finds us seeking some rest from a relatively emotional week. The cluster of planets between Aries and Taurus gives us a simultaneous need to seek security and create necessary change, desires that are clearly at odds and that create a tension that can be draining. There is no need to overcompensate by trying to work or organize your way into controlling the situation. Instead, seek those simple things, such as a bubble bath, your favorite cookies, or fresh flowers, that soothe your soul and make you feel comfortable and safe.

Oracle: Robin
Springtime is the season for robins, signifying the start of a cycle of life. As the sun moves into the fixed sign of Taurus, spring in the northern hemisphere literally comes into full bloom. With this energy we are asked to embrace necessary change. Like birds that migrate with no guarantee that the same nesting grounds will be available year after year, we must trust that our intuition guides us toward the best possible future we can create for ourselves and for the collective.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot
Divine Feather Messenger

Baby Lettuce

A poem for the new moon in Aries

What can we harvest in early spring
so quickly after planting?

tender lettuce and baby kale
stand ready to be plucked
there are many varieties of tomato
that grow well here, yet

we will never reap if we just
gaze at seed packets and
tend plots in our imagination

once things were more clear
we relied upon expectant rows
to generate a bumper crop each year

that cycle is complete.

What worked back then
will not work in this climate
we are left with untilled soil
waiting for fork tines of the future
to break through.

It’s tempting to let it all go and toss
out handfuls of wildflower seed,
but then the wild nasturtiums
remind you how expansive
wild can be

there will be ways to reap
what we have sown,
the necessary work is hidden
underground there is no glory, yet
it is here the foundation lies

dreamtime disappears
like a bright koi underwater

the need for action cuts
like a scythe through the last stalks
of last winter’s wheat

and underneath we see the soil again
dormant under dying crops
fortified by months of decay

the world shouts celebration
as spring’s buds bloom
but this is just one season

we can’t plant everything at once
there is a time for each idea
to have a moment in the sun
be tended to and watered with affection

the moon waxes and we plant intention
these are seeds of unknown origin
growing with roots tapped into intuition.

Tarotscopes April 2021

Fire Signs

Five of Wands / Kingfisher


This is your time to shine, Aries. Your season is in full swing, but remember not to burn the candle so fast that you run out of steam before the party even gets started. You don’t have to light every project on fire for it to be successful, and you don’t always have to argue in order to get your way. Remember that it is OK to go with the flow, trusting that the universe has got your back even when things get out of control.


Are you fighting your creative urges, Leo? There may be an idea or avenue of interest that is clamoring for your attention right now. You think it seems frivolous or embarrassing, or that it might lead you in an unproductive direction. Try exploring your whimsical urges, as silly as they may seem. You could be pleasantly surprised at the results. 


Things may not always go as planned, Sagittarius, and there are times when you need to accept that and move on. Releasing your expectation of a planned outcome can sometimes clear the way for something better to come along. Instead of being disappointed or anxious that things didn’t work out, see this as an opportunity for even greater abundance to flow into your life.

Earth Signs

Two of Pentacles / Loon


You may feel torn between two responsibilities right now. Which should get more of your attention and resources? Allow your inner guidance to inform your decisions. Don’t look so far into the future that it causes you anxiety. Instead, take the next step that makes you feel comfortable and in alignment with your values. Don’t worry about being productive; go at your own pace.


There may be a decision or fork in the road for you right now Virgo, leaving you searching for clues as to which path you should take. On one hand, you have some familiar components that make it easy to plan ahead. On the other, there are many unknowns that pose possible risk but also great reward. Trust your instinct and remember that, while you are more self-reliant that you realize, don’t get locked into one way of doing things. Be fluid and go with the flow.


You are adept at juggling many things, Capricorn. No stranger to hard work, you are willing to keep many projects going at once in order to get the job done. Beware of keeping plates spinning in just because you can, however. If your instinct is suggesting a break or change of plans, go with it. You might find a more efficient means of approach if you are willing to experiment with following your inner wisdom.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Strength / Woodpecker


You are prepared to stand up for yourself, Gemini, and pursue your goals with strength and fortitude. How will you harness the energy of this season to transform thought into action? You may benefit from a strategic plan that allows you to be flexible yet still move forward in the face of challenge. This may require you to step out of your comfort zone and put conscious effort into grounding your dreams in reality.


You may be inspired by indignant anger to act in the name of fairness or justice. You have an internal strength and fortitude that allows you to enter such conflict, but be sure to employ your good judgement and diplomacy as well. You do not want to dissipate your message simply to prove that you are right. Better to be understood than to force your opponent to give up in frustration.


You continue to desire new relationships and social groups to harness the culture and ideas of a new society. You have the unique ability to forge ahead with visions of a better tomorrow, and to form the scaffolding necessary to build those futures as you go. There is tension in this relationship, but perseverance will harness great results in the long run.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Nine of Cups / Canary


You are more sensitive than most and have hard earned wisdom about your boundaries and preferences when it comes to relationships and emotional intimacy. It is hard work, but you try to hone your skills to use empathy as a tool of understanding, not an excuse to withdraw from the world. It is OK to assert your emotional needs, Cancer, and doing so may lead to greater emotional harmony and balance. People who may be too shy to speak up for their own needs may be inspired by your action.


No stranger to the depth and range of human emotion, you have learned to travel the deep waters of pain and sorrow as well as bask in the sunshine of pure joy. Riding these waves requires skill and determination that comes with time and practice. Do not hesitate to share what you have learned with others. Although it may seem that you live in a secret world that is hard to explain, folks may be able to identify and relate to more of your story than you realize.


There is no one who knows how to heal another quite like you, Pisces. From your deep emotional well you fill the cups of others over and over again, and are renewed in the process. It is important, however, to remind folks that relationships are a two way street. People do not have to pour themselves into you if that is not their personality or inclination. They should, however, acknowledge that simply by being yourself you are acting in service of others and of humanity. Do not let your kindness be taken for granted and do not be afraid to remind others of the value of your emotional reservoir.

Weekly Reading 3/29 – 4/4/21

Mon – Tue (3/29-3/30)
The Magician

The week begins with a full moon in Libra and the energy of untapped potential. We survey the different elements of our lives, seeking to determine if we are in balance. We look to release those conflicts that do not allow energy to flow freely. This work is done both within and without. Balance and harmony are the common goal.

Wed – Thu (3/31 – 4/1)
Four of Wands (Feathers) – Optimism

We have reason to celebrate as more folks gain access to the vaccine and, in turn, we are able to take part in increasingly intimate gatherings and experiences. Spring is in full bloom and we look with renewed optimism toward making future plans.

Fri-Sat-Sun (4/2-4/4)

With Easter falling on Sunday, the Death card here is symbolic of the cycle of life which begins each spring with new life. Young animals are born, bulbs pop from the soil, and trees are in bloom. This time of year coincides with many festivals that, like Easter, mark a spiritual cycle of sacrifice and rebirth in the name of a higher power. This weekend is likely to feel like a time of reflection and renewal regardless of which religious festival you may or may not celebrate.

Joni Mitchell: Authenticity / Perfect as I am

One lovely reflection for this week is the idea that we are all born perfect as we are and need not change a thing about ourselves in order to be loved. This does not mean that we do not have lessons to learn, that we must not be accountable when we harm others, or that we do not have responsibilities in this lifetime. Rather, we do not have to prove our worth or value in order to exist, experience joy, and take up all the space we need to in order to be our authentic selves.

Decks: The Brady Tarot and my own Rock Star Oracle cards

Daily Reading Mar 23

Tue Mar 23

I like the straightforward message of this card combo today. We are reminded to seek, but not expect, balance and – by extension – justice.

There is a parallel here between balance in our lives and social justice.

In life, we often are reminded to balance our flow of energy for ease and comfort. When we feel out of sorts we say something is off-kilter, we’re out if alignment, or imbalanced. This is a metaphorical way of saying that one or more of our needs is not being met while too much attention or energy is spent elsewhere.

The symbol for justice is a set of balanced scales, implying that fairness is a cornerstone principle of a just society. It suggests that when everyone’s needs are met we will have achieved some aspect of justice.

The phrase “I am willing to let go” is a key affirmation in working for both balance in life and justice in both cases, we must work withour intention and action, but cannot get too tied to those outcomes that are beyond our control.

We cannot singlehandedly save the whole world, nor can we heal ourselves in a single day (or even perhaps a single lifetime). When we release those unrealistic expectations, we are less fragile, less prone to disappointment, and more prepared to invest in the difficult work of making the small steps necessary for lasting change.

Deck: Prism Tarot and Power Thought Cards

Daily Reading Mar 22

Mon Mar 22

I found this interesting deck of “Power Thought” cards for $1 at the thrift store so I grabbed them for daily readings.

They’re by Louise Hay so they are certainly a tool for spiritual bypassing if not used consciously. I try to use found materials like this as a way to deepen my understanding of the “white savior healing industrial complex” that appropriates and profits from the traditional rutuals, practices, and work of marginalized peoples.

The name of the cards themselves teeters on love and light messaging. Power thoughts are but one ingredient in the recipe for change. There must also be awareness, accountability, and action. Otherwise, our quest to gain and maintain power only supports and upholds existing oppressive cultural structures.

That being said, affirmations can be an effective tool for self reflection, growth, and love. They help us change our internal dialogue, not by ignoring troubling thoughts but creating equally powerful positive ones to help us endure the long struggle for social change.

Today’s cards feature the Page of Cups (Apprentice of Raindrops in the Prism Tarot) paired with the phrase, “there is no blame.”

This card combo questions the value of blaming anyone, self or other, for emotional pain or loss.

I think there is great value in naming those who have hurt us. This is accountability, or holding others responsible for the harm they have done, consciously or not.

The question becomes, how helpful to you is carrying the anger attached to that pain? Is it fueling you or holding you back? Do you want to forgive or are you still exploring the actual trauma and deciding how you feel? There is no right or wrong answer, only the opportunity for spiritual growth and understanding. But without examination of our own motivations, removing blame can steer us away from the accountability necessary for change.

Deck: Prism Tarot by @shopthe8thhouse and Power Thought Cards