Poem & Collage for the Sun in Taurus

Deck: Sharman-Castello Tarot

A garden mermaid stands
succulent in her certainty
containing what is needed

each current has its own agenda
and water will not flow
to suit your desire

we harvest new ideas
put plans into action
stand close and watch
for tight buds to flower

sometimes it seems easier
to ignore the ants
under the windowsill
or aphids on the foxglove

nature’s details prevail
and the only sure defeat
is to expect perfection

can we learn to accept
the constant turning
the seasons, the endless
wheel of the year?

Always there is the longing
to honor each expanding bloom
as sand drips in the hourglass

we must learn to love the moment
even knowing
that the moment must end

In each other we see
a waterfall of creation

our river of dreams
may hit rocks of reality
and burst into being

in this fertile ground
the seeds we thought
too strange for planting
may yet yield
an abundant harvest
given favorable conditions

as spring discovers it’s full glory
the bees see flowers
fat with pollen
shining with enterprise.

Tarotscopes April 2021

Fire Signs

Five of Wands / Kingfisher


This is your time to shine, Aries. Your season is in full swing, but remember not to burn the candle so fast that you run out of steam before the party even gets started. You don’t have to light every project on fire for it to be successful, and you don’t always have to argue in order to get your way. Remember that it is OK to go with the flow, trusting that the universe has got your back even when things get out of control.


Are you fighting your creative urges, Leo? There may be an idea or avenue of interest that is clamoring for your attention right now. You think it seems frivolous or embarrassing, or that it might lead you in an unproductive direction. Try exploring your whimsical urges, as silly as they may seem. You could be pleasantly surprised at the results. 


Things may not always go as planned, Sagittarius, and there are times when you need to accept that and move on. Releasing your expectation of a planned outcome can sometimes clear the way for something better to come along. Instead of being disappointed or anxious that things didn’t work out, see this as an opportunity for even greater abundance to flow into your life.

Earth Signs

Two of Pentacles / Loon


You may feel torn between two responsibilities right now. Which should get more of your attention and resources? Allow your inner guidance to inform your decisions. Don’t look so far into the future that it causes you anxiety. Instead, take the next step that makes you feel comfortable and in alignment with your values. Don’t worry about being productive; go at your own pace.


There may be a decision or fork in the road for you right now Virgo, leaving you searching for clues as to which path you should take. On one hand, you have some familiar components that make it easy to plan ahead. On the other, there are many unknowns that pose possible risk but also great reward. Trust your instinct and remember that, while you are more self-reliant that you realize, don’t get locked into one way of doing things. Be fluid and go with the flow.


You are adept at juggling many things, Capricorn. No stranger to hard work, you are willing to keep many projects going at once in order to get the job done. Beware of keeping plates spinning in just because you can, however. If your instinct is suggesting a break or change of plans, go with it. You might find a more efficient means of approach if you are willing to experiment with following your inner wisdom.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Strength / Woodpecker


You are prepared to stand up for yourself, Gemini, and pursue your goals with strength and fortitude. How will you harness the energy of this season to transform thought into action? You may benefit from a strategic plan that allows you to be flexible yet still move forward in the face of challenge. This may require you to step out of your comfort zone and put conscious effort into grounding your dreams in reality.


You may be inspired by indignant anger to act in the name of fairness or justice. You have an internal strength and fortitude that allows you to enter such conflict, but be sure to employ your good judgement and diplomacy as well. You do not want to dissipate your message simply to prove that you are right. Better to be understood than to force your opponent to give up in frustration.


You continue to desire new relationships and social groups to harness the culture and ideas of a new society. You have the unique ability to forge ahead with visions of a better tomorrow, and to form the scaffolding necessary to build those futures as you go. There is tension in this relationship, but perseverance will harness great results in the long run.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Nine of Cups / Canary


You are more sensitive than most and have hard earned wisdom about your boundaries and preferences when it comes to relationships and emotional intimacy. It is hard work, but you try to hone your skills to use empathy as a tool of understanding, not an excuse to withdraw from the world. It is OK to assert your emotional needs, Cancer, and doing so may lead to greater emotional harmony and balance. People who may be too shy to speak up for their own needs may be inspired by your action.


No stranger to the depth and range of human emotion, you have learned to travel the deep waters of pain and sorrow as well as bask in the sunshine of pure joy. Riding these waves requires skill and determination that comes with time and practice. Do not hesitate to share what you have learned with others. Although it may seem that you live in a secret world that is hard to explain, folks may be able to identify and relate to more of your story than you realize.


There is no one who knows how to heal another quite like you, Pisces. From your deep emotional well you fill the cups of others over and over again, and are renewed in the process. It is important, however, to remind folks that relationships are a two way street. People do not have to pour themselves into you if that is not their personality or inclination. They should, however, acknowledge that simply by being yourself you are acting in service of others and of humanity. Do not let your kindness be taken for granted and do not be afraid to remind others of the value of your emotional reservoir.

New Moon in Capricorn – January 2021

Tarot reading + astrology for the coming moon cycle


written for the collective and informed by social justice

Our situation: Six of Wands
The positives and negatives of our situation:
Eight of Pentacles
Events of the immediate past:
Queen of Cups
Events of the near future:
The Chariot
What do we consciously want:
Nine of Swords (rev)
What do we subconsciously desire:
The Star
Our energy:
Queen of Swords (rev)
Others’ energy:
Ten of Swords (rev)
Advice from Spirit:
The Tower
Likely outcome:
Two of Pentacles (rev)

As we enter this moon cycle, there is a great deal of relief and celebration about not only a change in the year (goodbye, 2020!) but a change in governmental administration as well. Although the excitement about wins in Georgia has been greatly hampered by the tragic events at the capitol last week, there remains a feeling of accomplishment and optimism that now, finally, we may see changes that directly impact the quality of everyone’s lives.

We know there is a great deal of work ahead, but I am reminded of the “New Deal” that put Americans to work after the Great Depression. Because we are moving into a new age of ideas and communication, however, I think these kinds of initiatives will come as much from lateral community networks of support as they will from government initiatives. Both are needed, as clearly we have a long way to recover from our current challenges. But recovery is an opportunity to ensure the support and success of all people in a structure where power is shared laterally instead of via a hierarchical structure. We hardly know how to build such a culture – we are mere apprentices to our dream and ideas at this time.

We have grown weary of trauma, of worst-case scenario thinking, of nightmare thought. We want to break free from worry, to turn our vision toward hope and create new dialogue based around possibilities instead of problems. We are ready to discuss openly what must be done to bring about a just society.

We have many tough choices to make. Folks are being asked to recon with their values and determine if they are acting in alignment with their beliefs. Moving forward, we are asked to tolerate uncertainty. We must learn to live in the fog of the in-between, the space between what was and what has yet to come into being. This is an in between time, of yes, and… In which we have our feet in two realities, past and future, at the same time.

We feel ill-equipped to address this nebulous future with our current structures. We want our speech to encourage, not inflame; to express our values and intentions clearly. We want to communicate with new lateral networks, creating new structures of power.

Despite our overall optimism, there exist many defeatist attitudes, ideas of fatalism, and talk of the end of the world. This is indeed the end of one cycle of the world, one turn of the wheel, one cycle of humanity. We must remember that cycles of rest and resistance are necessary for the long haul. The fight for social justice, the dismantle racism, and to center love in our values is a long anchallengin one. There is no end line, only engagement. We must rest in order to rise again in support of the future we want to create.

For better or worse, more instability is on the immediate horizon. Now that we are seeing many of the “hidden mechanisms” of oppressive culture, we grow increasingly intolerant of such structures. We are in a true Tower moment, when things as we know them are falling away and we are being asked to gently release them, even though we have no idea of what may come next.

There continues to be little solid ground in the traditional sense, so we must create our own stability through self-care, establishing and nurturing supportive relationships, enacting proper boundaries, carefully evaluating our flow of resources, and engaging in meaningful work in support of the greater good.

Oracle: Divine Magic
There are significant astrological transits at play in this moon cycle. We can expect dramatic and astonishing events. Magic is everywhere around us. It is our resilience, our ability to ensure the challenges of this human life. As this full moon cycle grows and wanes, imagine the kind of transformations that bring about your wildest dreams of utopia.

Decks: Sharman-Caselli Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle


This is my first attempt at giving energy readings for the coming planetary transits. I am very new at this so take it with a grain of salt. Please take what resonates with you (and let me know if you see a mistake, I’m learning 🙂 )

New Moon in Capricorn
The theme of this moon cycle is changing structures and ideas about authority.

Mercury moon conjunction in Aquarius
Our dreams take form, we can describe what we have imagined, the abstract becomes personal

Pluto sun conjunction in Capricorn
Hidden reasons and motivations for structures are revealed

Uranus stations direct, near Mars
We see the reasons for structures and want to break free of them, to change based on new knowledge and we’re not afraid to fight for the cause.

Jupiter Square Uranus
Tension between expansion and change

Sun enters Aquarius

Networks and communication are highlighted

Moon – Mars – Uranus conjunction in Taurus

We may feel some anger or resentment about the changes we are going through. There may be continued violence and protest events as power dynamics shift away from a dying regime. There may be eruptive, grassroots, volcanic-like energy.

Saturn conjunct Sun in Aquarius

We begin to see how the new administration will take shape, what structures are forming, what kind of support is available and what kinds of action we can take.

Full (Wolf) Moon in Leo

We see ourselves clearly, key ideas and issues are in the social “spotlight”

Venus Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn
How we love ourselves, how we see our bodies and how we care for ourselves may experience a seemingly magical transformation

Jupiter Sun Conjunction in Aquarius
There is a great deal of communication about big new ideas. Someone famous may play a role.

Venus into Aquarius
Our ideas of beauty continue to undergo a transformation. Our values and ideas inform the development of new social networks

Venus Saturn Conjunction

We may find a new self-care routine or feel like working out is less of a chore.
Oru values and ideals are clarified.

Pluto conjunct moon in Capricorn

We have dreams and visions of “what might be” in a new society. We are also nostalgic for the heritage we must leave behind in order to create a more just future.

Around this date, six planets (Sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) are all clustered together in Aquarius.

There are bound to be huge transformations in communication and social structures. We may experience a mass shift in how we view reality. Perhaps the UFOs will arrive. At this point, everything is on the table. What is clear is that we cannot cling to baggage, trauma, or old cultural ideas that are rooted in systemic racism. We must truly embrace equality, which will require a dramatic shift away from the hierarchical value system that is at the core of much of our current imbalance as a society. Expect a renaissance of ideas and action surrounding the creation of a new Aquarian Age through the middle of February.