Baby Lettuce

A poem for the new moon in Aries

What can we harvest in early spring
so quickly after planting?

tender lettuce and baby kale
stand ready to be plucked
there are many varieties of tomato
that grow well here, yet

we will never reap if we just
gaze at seed packets and
tend plots in our imagination

once things were more clear
we relied upon expectant rows
to generate a bumper crop each year

that cycle is complete.

What worked back then
will not work in this climate
we are left with untilled soil
waiting for fork tines of the future
to break through.

It’s tempting to let it all go and toss
out handfuls of wildflower seed,
but then the wild nasturtiums
remind you how expansive
wild can be

there will be ways to reap
what we have sown,
the necessary work is hidden
underground there is no glory, yet
it is here the foundation lies

dreamtime disappears
like a bright koi underwater

the need for action cuts
like a scythe through the last stalks
of last winter’s wheat

and underneath we see the soil again
dormant under dying crops
fortified by months of decay

the world shouts celebration
as spring’s buds bloom
but this is just one season

we can’t plant everything at once
there is a time for each idea
to have a moment in the sun
be tended to and watered with affection

the moon waxes and we plant intention
these are seeds of unknown origin
growing with roots tapped into intuition.

New Moon in Pisces – March 2021

Tarot reading + astrology for the coming moon cycle

Decks: Sharman-Castelli Tarot and my own Rock Star Oracle

This New moon carries intense Pisces energy, with Venus, Neptune, and the Sun clustered together with the moon in this sign. It is born in a watery dreamworld, field by fantastic visions of harmony and beauty. As the moon grows, we may discover parts of ourselves we did not even know existed. There may be a new understanding of shared values and how we see ourselves in the world.

This is the “Worm Moon” and ushers in a time of fertile growth. During this moon cycle, a new seasonal year will begin with the onset of Spring. This corresponds to the movement of the Sun into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and a symbolic new beginning. The energy of collective knowledge fuels this year’s cycle, as we learn to incorporate the lessons of the past year into our personal and, in turn, social lives.


written for the collective and informed by social justice

Our situation: Hierophant (rev)
The positives and negatives of our situation: The Devil
Events of the immediate past: Two of Pentacles
Events of the near future: The Moon (rev)
What do we consciously want: Six of Cups
What do we subconsciously desire: Ace of Swords
Our energy: Three of Swords
Others’ energy: Four of Swords (rev)
Advice from Spirit: Five of Pentacles (rev)
Likely outcome: Knight of Pentacles
Oracle: Look Beyond Your Boundaries

We are rebelling against traditional ideas of religion, faith, and spirituality. There is a disconnect between existing traditions and values and new ideas that are coming into being.

We are torn between the comfort of our captivity and the discomfort of freedom. We walk a fine line between dancing with our demons and allowing them to run the show. At the same time, there is no benefit to be gained by ignoring these shadows altogether. We must learn to integrate all parts of the human experience in a path toward unity.

We have been juggling material resources, learning to use what we have been given. Without an influx of new beginnings, we have been resourceful, digging deep into our storehouse of knowledge and experience to make it through a difficult and long winter.

We are heading into a time of deep self-reflection, inner exploration, and shadow work that relates to our role in the collective. Much of the fear and trepidation that was present at the end of last year has dissipated and we experience a renewal of hope. The “light at the end of the tunnel” now shines brightly and we want to ensure it’s warmth reaches and sustains everyone.

We are hungry for nostalgia, we crave the comfort of the past, we hope that moving forward there will be some shreds of “the way things were.” There is still a lot of grief about the loss of normality that was brought about a year ago. Whether we feel good about the changes that ensued or not, there is still grieving to be done for all that has changed.

At the same time, we are more aware of the racism, classism, and other oppressive structures that have been once again highlighted as a result of our overall societal disruption. We desire a clean break from the past, but not one that forgets what we have learned. We want a new concept of being. A new beginning.

We are heartbroken in many ways by the lack of collective compassion. We are torn by the lack of empathy displayed by so many in our society and even across the globe. We hold a tremendous amount of grief for all that has been lost over the past year, both in lives and in a sense of stability. Even if we believe these changes are for the best, even if we have personally benefited from the current circumstances, there is still overall grief and adjustment to the massive change and loss.

Society overall, and perhaps even people in our own lives, still may not understand or believe the full implications of the pandemic. There are many defenses that shield people from the truth. Defense mechanisms that people use to keep the abyss at bay. But the darkness still exists, and it is necessary to stop and deal with the reality of our situation if we are to heal and move forward as a society and even as a species.

Our guides remind us that it is not helpful to act like a martyr or to hold a mindset of fear or scarcity. It can seem like there are not enough people working for social change or that there are not enough hours in the day or resources available to bring about desired change. It may be more helpful, however, to keep our eye on those things we are doing to create change, to heal ourselves, to learn about and act in service of anti-racism. There is no wrong way to travel our spiritual journey or exist in this lifetime. We are reminded that life is in many ways what we make it, and if we focus only on the problems we may lose sight of the actual solution.

We are on the cusp of a change in fortune, a prosperous new beginning. The new ideas we have planted send up promising new shoots. Despite our loss, opportunities for growth are on the horizon. It is up to us to use these emerging opportunities and a respectful and social responsible way.

Oracle: Leonard Cohen / Transcend
“Look Beyond Your Boundaries”
This is a time to abandon whatever is not serving you or acting in your best interest. Use the knowledge you gain from introspection and insight to fuel your decisions. Do not feel that you have to conform to old versions of yourself or to traditional ways of doing things, especially if they no longer suit your needs and desires.


Ongoing Transits:

1/13-6/28 Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus
This ongoing transit challenges our relationship to group values and dynamics, and the structures that keep them together. New, practical realities emerge, but not without the destruction or dissolution of outdated ways of being

2/28-4/22 Sun Conjunct Venus in Pisces
During this transit we may gain some insight into our collective values. We begin to shape our ideas and emotions into action. As spring approaches so does our shared hope for a better future founded not on love and light but on purposeful, concrete plans for change. The roots of revolution begin to flower; results of invisible underground work are now seen on the surface.

3/3-3/19 Sun Conjunct Neptune in Pisces
During this transit, we have insight into new information. Secrets may be revealed. We may have insight into parts of ourselves previously unknown. We may learn to communicate in a brand new way.

3/5 – 4/6 Mars Trine Saturn
We may move forward in a structured way, perhaps a job promotion or some other traditional hierarchical ascent. Movement within and around existing structures has more fiery and intense energy during this time.

New Transits:

3/15 Mercury enters Pisces
We see the connection between dreams and, not necessarily reality, but the symbols we use to construct reality. The subconscious is seen, discussed, and recognized. We disconnect from established structures of language and time. The “time changes” we are magically gifted another hour in the day, emphasizing the constructed reality of time itself. the time only changes because we collectively agree it to be so.

3/16 – 3/31 Mercury in Pisces square Mars in Gemini
We may have the energy to speak what has been long suppressed. There may be an urge to change or disrupt aspects of the immediate environment in order for personal growth to occur. This growth may be based on dreamlike or deep personal visions. We may have the urge to communicate but be unable to, or our message may be misunderstood, perhaps based on lack of context.

3/20 Sun enters Aries / Spring equinox
This is the midpoint between the solstices, and it carries the energy of new beginnings. With the sun moving into Aries, we carry our lessons from the collective and allow them to fuel individual action. The last year has shown us how individualism, or thinking exclusively of our personal well being, is not a sustainable or desirable worldview when viewed through the lens of social justice. We now have a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we might show up in this new season.

3/21 Venus enters Aries
We move from dreaming about our values to connecting them to individual action. We see how our ego may or may not bring our dreams to life. Where can we help ourselves, and where are we getting in our own way? Don’t let the fiery energy of spring project you too far off course. Are you acting for the common good or for personal glory?

3/28 Full Moon in Libra
This full moon turns our eye toward a just and equitable recovery as we begin to “return to normal” and there is a strong desire to ensure that social justice is not forgotten as we begin to emerge from a long slumber.

3/28 – 5/6 Mars trine Jupiter
Expansive fiery energy will flow from Jupiter to Mars as it transits from Gemini to Cancer during these several weeks.

3/28 – 4/23 Mars square Neptune
We may be more concerned with our ego than with the collective good during this time, or at least feel a conflicting energy between the two.


New Moon in Aquarius – February 2021

Tarot reading + astrology for the coming moon cycle

Decks: Sharman-Castelli Tarot and Divine Feather Messenger Deck


written for the collective and informed by social justice

Our situation: Hermit (rev)
The positives and negatives of our situation: Judgement 
Events of the immediate past: Ten of Wands (rev)
Events of the near future: Five of Cups (rev)
What do we consciously want: Justice (rev)
What do we subconsciously desire: Seven of Cups (rev)
Our energy: Two of Pentacles (rev)
Others’ energy: Five of Swords (rev)
Advice from Spirit: Queen of Wands (rev)
Likely outcome: Page of Cups

The first thing I notice about this spread is the number of reversals (8 of 10 cards, and the 9th is read both ways). Nearly the whole spread is reversed, which makes sense considering the new moon is in the middle of a Mercury retrograde phase, and the new moon will transit Mercury during this 24 hour period.

During a retrograde the shadow side of issues related to the planet in question are revealed. There is an extra energy of discovery and new information is flowing quickly since Mercury relates to our thoughts and ideas. This information may relate to love and values, our faith and beliefs, structure and boundaries, thoughts and communication, and our emotions and feelings since so many planets are clustered together in Aquarius right now.

The overall energy of this moon is one of personal introspection. Since most action is slow or may result in frustration at this time, we are asked to turn instead to reflect on our current situation. If we must act, we are advised to do so slowly, deliberately, and with our eyes wide open.

We are also reaching a time of deep loneliness and isolation as a collective. Especially as Valentine’s Day approaches, we must once again face a “traditional” holiday in a completely new way. Whether we loved or hated this rather commercialized holiday, there is a great deal of cognitive work necessary to deal with the number of changes we are experiencing around it. And this is just one example of the multitude of adjustments we have had to make in the past year.

There is both joy and sadness in the wisdom we have gained through long stretches of relative isolation and massive disruption to our routine. We have a better idea of what we want, our values, and what is important to us. We are more discerning in our view on life. At the same time, the way forward is unclear, and we have no way of knowing whether the skills and wisdom we have gained thus far will serve us well in the future. Thus our greatest lesson is flexibility, resilience, and our own intuition in the face of changing circumstances.

One benefit of our recent experience is the ability to let go of what no longer serves us. We may have been fooling ourselves for some time,driven by the need to please others or an overactive ego, into believing that we could accomplish superhuman tasks. Reality has changed this perception, and we have learned, perhaps the hard way, that we can not do it all and that we must either release some responsibility or delegate it to others that we trust.

Another benefit of our personal growth is the ability to move on and not take things so personally. By focusing less on our personal ego, we are less apt to feel guilt at the state of society overall that prohibits us from taking real action to change the situation. This is a king of emotional fragility that we, as a collective, are learning to overcome through our individual healing work in response to trauma.

This moon has us focusing on social justice, specifically how we identify and deal with issues such as oppression, racism, abuse, and lies. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that the ex-president is in the middle of a second impeachment trial, in which there is a great deal of confusion on the part of his defense team and a huge onslaught of new information being brought out by the prosecution. These are Aquarian issues of social justice and accountability that must be addressed if we are to move forward in line with our core values as a collective.

During this moon cycle we will mine our own daydreams for the material to create a new reality. Those visions that seemed too far out to ever come to fruition are on the table now. What we have known is falling away and we are asked to look at our deepest desires for the answer as to how to move forward. There is an overwhelming sense of impending possibility, both in the physical and spiritual realm. It is exciting and challenging at the same time.

As a result of the ongoing change, the crumbling of sold structures, the demand to imagine new realities, and the multitude of things beyond our immediate control, we are left feeling quite unbalanced and unstable during this moon cycle. There is very little grounding energy here, so be sure to find those habits and practices that do make you feel connected in and to your body, such as exercise, gardening, dance, yoga, massage, or taking a bath. Without an anchor to stabilize us, we are forced to hold on to whatever we can in these rough and unpredictable seas.

A positive result of these uncertain times is the, perhaps unexpected, opportunity to for reconciliation and making amends. It seems as though even our opponents are humbled by the extreme and dramatic events of the past year and, without stable footing from which to make a stand, they have given up the fight. In laying down arms and disengaging from a fight that only exhausts both participants and leads to no real results there is at least the opportunity for understanding and conversation to begin. In the absence of active combat we may begin to heal.

Moving forward, we are advised to continue keeping the collective in mind when making decisions or starting new projects. If we have learned nothing in the past year, it is that individualism, rigid borders, and black and white thinking have nonplace in the Aquarian Age. We are warned against letting the overall instability of circumstances and our emotional reaction to them distance our behavior and generate more harm than healing. Much of the spiritual advice of this new moon consists of “slow down and tend to your own healing before you try to help others.” There will be plenty of time for structured collaborative work in the future. For now, we may best be served by continuing an inner exploration in which we treat ourselves with warmth and tender care. By practicing loving ourselves, we learn how we may serve the collective form a place of love.

This moon cycle promises to be one of great growth and insight if we do not struggle to move forward against obvious obstacles and red flags. The opportunity to reflect can be seen as a hindrance in the context of constant productivity, but it is actually a valuable gift providing much needed self-reflection that we can use to calibrate our next course of action. Without occasional reality checks, it can be difficult to align our dreams or goals with the necessary steps to make our dreams a reality. As we move through this month, look for those moments that bring you joy and hope. Reflect on why you appreciate such times, and use your insight to guide you in the direction of increased personal growth, self-care, and feelings of expansive possibility.

Oracle: Robin
Robin reminds us to look for new growth, even if the landscape appears barren at this time. Change brings instability but it also brings opportunity. We are asked to look beyond our current expectations and be open to possibilities for change and growth in areas where we may not necessarily expect it to occur. Sometimes what seems to be a weed is actually a flower delivered to your garden by the winds of chance, or forces of nature..


We begin this New moon with Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and the Moon all in the sign of Aquarius.
Wednesday’s new moon is right in the middle of Venus-Jupiter-Mercury conjunction as Mars and Uranus remain in conjunction in Taurus.

As Uranus transits through Taurus, it forms a square or angle where the energy may be in opposition, with the planets in Aquarius.

As the moon transits each planet, we experience a different response based on our own natal chart combined with the overall planetary energies.

This new moon asks: what do we dream of as a collective and what resources do we have at our disposal to make that shared vision a reality? It also questions all of the structures and values that we have established, both personally and as a society, which must be transformed or destroyed to make way for a new way of relating to each other.

It is also the lunar new year, and we are reminded to turn the lens of social justice on all marginalized groups including Asian and Asian American communities where individuals are currently experiencing an increase in racially directed violence. You can learn more here:

The following are my interpretations of some of the upcoming transits based on my knowledge of the planetary energy and this month’s Tarot reading:

2/14-3/4 Mercury Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius
During this transit period we are asked to expand the way we think. Mercury forces us to examine our thoughts and thought patterns, how we create meaning, and how we use language. Saturn is how we construct meaning from language and the structures and expectations we have about thought and its relationship to reality. From language we create our reality, and this relationship is being called in to question during the Aquarian age. We may have great breakthroughs or insights that seemed impossible in the past.

2/14 – 3/2 Mercury Square Uranus
This energy continues as Uranus forces us to break free of the structures that no longer serve us. What did we discover about thought and language as Mercury transited Saturn? We are now asked to use that information and take action on it, destroying the language and thought patterns that no longer meet our vision and beginning construction on a new collective reality.

2/17 Saturn Square Uranus
We experience challenges to what we think we must do in order to be accepted and part of a group. We may have clarity about our role in society yet question how to change our current circumstance. We experience both insight about our current boundaries and restrictions, and some interesting ideas about how they might be challenged or changed for the better.

2/18 Sun enters Pisces
Moving from the air of Aquarius into the dreamy water of Pisces, the light of the sun continues to guide the inner exploration of this moon cycle. Now we move from the cloud of thoughts and dreams to depths of feeling and emotional mastery.

2/20 Mercury Stations Direct
Just as a beam of light illuminates a cloudy day, or sunlight can be seen on the surface from underwater, some clarity comes to our current circumstance. We have been exploring the deep shadows for some time, and now we may be able to shine a light of discovery on what we found in our subterranean exploration.

2/25 Venus Enters Pisces
We begin to place new value on our own feelings and intuition. We see that we must loved ourselves in order to be loved. We know how to fill the cup of others, but also are learning to maintain our own reservoir from which to draw the healing waters of love.

2/27 Full (Snow) Moon in Virgo
Our values are fully revealed, and we are asked to examine whether the reality of current citation is in line with our dreams and desires. How are we engaging with the physical world, our bodies, and our resources? This moon shows us where we may focus our energy to be the most efficient and effective in making any adjustments we find necessary at this time.

2/28-4/22 Sun Conjunct Venus in Pisces
During this transit we may gain some insight into our collective values. We begin to shape our ideas and emotions into action. As spring approaches so does our shared hope for a better future founded not on love and light but on purposeful, concrete plans for change. The roots of revolution begin to flower; results of invisible underground work are now seen on the surface.

3/3 Mars enters Gemini
We may be more assertive with our thoughts and aggressive with our opinions. We may have lightning insight or act without thinking things through. We may tend to want to debate for the sake of argument, and no real solution.

3/3-3/19 Sun Conjunct Neptune
During this transit, we have insight into new information. Secrets may be revealed. We may have insight into parts of ourselves previously unknown. We may learn to communicate in a brand new way.


New Moon in Capricorn – January 2021

Tarot reading + astrology for the coming moon cycle


written for the collective and informed by social justice

Our situation: Six of Wands
The positives and negatives of our situation:
Eight of Pentacles
Events of the immediate past:
Queen of Cups
Events of the near future:
The Chariot
What do we consciously want:
Nine of Swords (rev)
What do we subconsciously desire:
The Star
Our energy:
Queen of Swords (rev)
Others’ energy:
Ten of Swords (rev)
Advice from Spirit:
The Tower
Likely outcome:
Two of Pentacles (rev)

As we enter this moon cycle, there is a great deal of relief and celebration about not only a change in the year (goodbye, 2020!) but a change in governmental administration as well. Although the excitement about wins in Georgia has been greatly hampered by the tragic events at the capitol last week, there remains a feeling of accomplishment and optimism that now, finally, we may see changes that directly impact the quality of everyone’s lives.

We know there is a great deal of work ahead, but I am reminded of the “New Deal” that put Americans to work after the Great Depression. Because we are moving into a new age of ideas and communication, however, I think these kinds of initiatives will come as much from lateral community networks of support as they will from government initiatives. Both are needed, as clearly we have a long way to recover from our current challenges. But recovery is an opportunity to ensure the support and success of all people in a structure where power is shared laterally instead of via a hierarchical structure. We hardly know how to build such a culture – we are mere apprentices to our dream and ideas at this time.

We have grown weary of trauma, of worst-case scenario thinking, of nightmare thought. We want to break free from worry, to turn our vision toward hope and create new dialogue based around possibilities instead of problems. We are ready to discuss openly what must be done to bring about a just society.

We have many tough choices to make. Folks are being asked to recon with their values and determine if they are acting in alignment with their beliefs. Moving forward, we are asked to tolerate uncertainty. We must learn to live in the fog of the in-between, the space between what was and what has yet to come into being. This is an in between time, of yes, and… In which we have our feet in two realities, past and future, at the same time.

We feel ill-equipped to address this nebulous future with our current structures. We want our speech to encourage, not inflame; to express our values and intentions clearly. We want to communicate with new lateral networks, creating new structures of power.

Despite our overall optimism, there exist many defeatist attitudes, ideas of fatalism, and talk of the end of the world. This is indeed the end of one cycle of the world, one turn of the wheel, one cycle of humanity. We must remember that cycles of rest and resistance are necessary for the long haul. The fight for social justice, the dismantle racism, and to center love in our values is a long anchallengin one. There is no end line, only engagement. We must rest in order to rise again in support of the future we want to create.

For better or worse, more instability is on the immediate horizon. Now that we are seeing many of the “hidden mechanisms” of oppressive culture, we grow increasingly intolerant of such structures. We are in a true Tower moment, when things as we know them are falling away and we are being asked to gently release them, even though we have no idea of what may come next.

There continues to be little solid ground in the traditional sense, so we must create our own stability through self-care, establishing and nurturing supportive relationships, enacting proper boundaries, carefully evaluating our flow of resources, and engaging in meaningful work in support of the greater good.

Oracle: Divine Magic
There are significant astrological transits at play in this moon cycle. We can expect dramatic and astonishing events. Magic is everywhere around us. It is our resilience, our ability to ensure the challenges of this human life. As this full moon cycle grows and wanes, imagine the kind of transformations that bring about your wildest dreams of utopia.

Decks: Sharman-Caselli Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle


This is my first attempt at giving energy readings for the coming planetary transits. I am very new at this so take it with a grain of salt. Please take what resonates with you (and let me know if you see a mistake, I’m learning 🙂 )

New Moon in Capricorn
The theme of this moon cycle is changing structures and ideas about authority.

Mercury moon conjunction in Aquarius
Our dreams take form, we can describe what we have imagined, the abstract becomes personal

Pluto sun conjunction in Capricorn
Hidden reasons and motivations for structures are revealed

Uranus stations direct, near Mars
We see the reasons for structures and want to break free of them, to change based on new knowledge and we’re not afraid to fight for the cause.

Jupiter Square Uranus
Tension between expansion and change

Sun enters Aquarius

Networks and communication are highlighted

Moon – Mars – Uranus conjunction in Taurus

We may feel some anger or resentment about the changes we are going through. There may be continued violence and protest events as power dynamics shift away from a dying regime. There may be eruptive, grassroots, volcanic-like energy.

Saturn conjunct Sun in Aquarius

We begin to see how the new administration will take shape, what structures are forming, what kind of support is available and what kinds of action we can take.

Full (Wolf) Moon in Leo

We see ourselves clearly, key ideas and issues are in the social “spotlight”

Venus Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn
How we love ourselves, how we see our bodies and how we care for ourselves may experience a seemingly magical transformation

Jupiter Sun Conjunction in Aquarius
There is a great deal of communication about big new ideas. Someone famous may play a role.

Venus into Aquarius
Our ideas of beauty continue to undergo a transformation. Our values and ideas inform the development of new social networks

Venus Saturn Conjunction

We may find a new self-care routine or feel like working out is less of a chore.
Oru values and ideals are clarified.

Pluto conjunct moon in Capricorn

We have dreams and visions of “what might be” in a new society. We are also nostalgic for the heritage we must leave behind in order to create a more just future.

Around this date, six planets (Sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) are all clustered together in Aquarius.

There are bound to be huge transformations in communication and social structures. We may experience a mass shift in how we view reality. Perhaps the UFOs will arrive. At this point, everything is on the table. What is clear is that we cannot cling to baggage, trauma, or old cultural ideas that are rooted in systemic racism. We must truly embrace equality, which will require a dramatic shift away from the hierarchical value system that is at the core of much of our current imbalance as a society. Expect a renaissance of ideas and action surrounding the creation of a new Aquarian Age through the middle of February.


August 7, 2020 – Disseminating Moon in Aries

Deck: Tarot of the Moon Garden

The disseminating moon is a time to release whatever is not serving us as the moon begins to wane once again.

Where have I become too rigid in thought? The Hierophant

It is important to center ourselves in spirituality, but adhering too rigidly to one set of rituals or practices may not be the most productive way forward in a time of uncertainty. Instead, think about the heart of your intention and practice and don’t be afraid to use what you have on hand in place of the tools and materials that may be unavailable at this time.

What can I learn from others? Six of Cups

This is a good time to learn from family and partners. what traditions and rituals have you inherited or been taught that may serve you well at this time? This card also speaks to the opportunity some of us have to talk with elders during this time. Since we are sheltering in place, we may want to take this opportunity to look more deeply at family albums and connect with narrative and stories that we might not have had time to explore in our busy lives.

What can I share with others? The Lovers

Clearly we are being asked to act in our relationships from a place of love. When we enter partnerships with a self-serving attitude or expectation, it can create imbalance and lack authenticity. As we create new relationships and practice anti-racism, one way to intent right relations is to approach others with love and mutual respect in mind.

What is the wisdom of this moon phase? Queen of Cups (rev)

The waning moon invites us to release guilt, shame, and other emotions that we may have been harboring as we navigate the difficulties of our current reality. At the same time, we are asked to continue our shadow work and examine the trauma and repressed feelings we may also be working through.

Oracle: Tender Care

This is a time to be gentle with ourselves and others. We can practice self-compassion and act with loving kindness in our relationships. Change happens on many levels, and resisting the pull to act out of anger, fear, or in total self-interest can be a revolutionary choice in itself.

August 2020 Full Moon in Aquarius

full moon spread by Lisa Stockley via @the.moon.calendar
Deck: Tarot of the Moon Garden

Full moon in Aquarius, August 3, 2020

When the moon is full we are invited to reflect on the intentions we set during the new moon. Are things going along as planned, or do we need to adjust our expectations?

What has reached its peak? Six of Swords

We are coming to the end of a time of necessary rest after a great deal of turmoil and conflict. The action is far from over, however, and our respite will soon end as we begin a new cycle of action.

What is emerging? Six of Cups

We may be feeling nostalgic for the ways things were, and there is possibly an urge to withdraw from the fight for a time and resort to old habits and old ways. We may be craving comfort, even if we know this comfort is often privilege in disguise. This is a time to decide which rituals and traditions serve you moving forward into the future, and which are merely learned behaviors that no longer align with your current values.

Indy helping with the reading

What am I manifesting? Seven of Swords

Because forward progress is not liner right now, some may feel frustrated about how to best participate in the social justice movement. Withdrawal and escape is an option, but it will not yield the results we desire at this time. Instead, we must ask: how can we face our responsibility to society in a way that also serves our health and well being?

How are my relationships? Ace of Pentacles (rev)

It is difficult to start new projects or investments right now due to a lack of material stability. Many of us literally don’t know where our next income is coming from. New beginnings are on the horizon and with them new ways of doing business and relating to each other. Things have not yet come to fruition and we may be struggling to imagine how they will manifest.

This is a time to decide which rituals and traditions serve you moving forward into the future, and which are merely learned behaviors that no longer align with your current values.

What is preparing for release? Chariot (rev)

We are going to have to give up control of some things and focus our energy where it is most effective. We are approaching a time of togetherness and working in a collective way. We will be asked to integrate the duality of our shadow and light sides. We must face all of ourselves if we are to evolve and grow, and we will learn to recognize when our controlling tendencies detract from working with others instead of contributing to the whole.

What is the wisdom of this moon cycle? The Hierophant

We are asked to ground our spiritual practices in the traditions that feel right to us and align with our values. In the absence of clear material stability, it is our spiritual connections and foundation that will see us through. By being true to our beliefs, we will attract other groups of humans who will assist us with our social justice work, using our specific tools, skills, and creativity.

Oracle card: Movement

Now is the time for action, but not via tightly controlled and executed plans. Instead, we are asked to go with the flow and move with flexibility and agile response to change like never before.

Tarot for Justice: Full Moon in Capricorn

photo by author

Today, July 4-5, is a full moon in Capricorn. It is also a lunar eclipse. this makes the impact of this full moon last longer than just the usual 28 days. Momentous shifts are in the cards.

  1. What has reached its peak?

Queen of Cups (Rev)

We are moving through a phase of being ruled by our emotions. A complete release of emotional control brought on by new and unexpected emotions such as extreme empathy, guilt, and shame has ruled the first half of this moon cycle. We are nearing the end of the initial purge of unchecked emotion, allowing us now to enter into a time when we can stop sprinting away from the pain and begin to strategize about the marathon we have ahead.

  1. What needs to be seen? 

Nine of Swords

We cannot bury our head in our hands in despair and ignore the very real actions that we can take to create social change. We must continue to use the means we have at our disposal, including writing, calling, and emailing government officials, to uncover all forms of injustice.

  1. What is is the spotlight? 

Three of Pentacles

We are working on foundational anti-racist skills. Revisiting old texts and discovering new ones. Listening in a new way. Building our toolkit for effecting social change. Assessing what we can do to shift financial capital and create a more even balance fo power.

  1. How am I in relationship to the world? 

King of Cups

Our emotional reserve is our greatest strength right now. We are drawing on both the collective pain and trauma currently being expressed as well as the reserve of joy and strength that is harbored by those working together for social justice. We feel that we are not alone in the fight, perhaps for the first time, and this gives us emotional strength.

  1. What is preparing for release?

Seven of Cups (Rev)

We are no longer dreaming of a “New Age” or peace on earth. The time has come to get up and take action. On this celebration of our false “Independence Day” we waking up to realize that American was never great for Black, indigenous, LGBTQ, or other groups who were never included in the original vision for our democracy. We will not return to the status quo; a new way of being lies ahead

  1. Magic and wisdom of this moon cycle

Three of Wands (Rev)

We have much to learn about how we are to be in community with the new world we are forming. We must continue to gain knowledge, build on skills and relationships that hold us accountable for our anti-racist journey, and develop structures to support the ideas we want everyone to hold as “self-evident” in the future.

Oracle card: Fuchsite (Heart Chakra)

We are healing trauma within to heal trauma without.

Tarot for Justice

First Quarter Moon in Taurus

We have reached the first quarter of this moon cycle. In addition, we are between two eclipses and in the middle of Mercury retrograde. It is a time of change as we identify old ways of being that no longer serve us and also begin to clarify a new way forward.

The most significant aspect of this reading is that all of the cards are reversed except for Justice. Clearly, many aspects of our current reality are being overturned to make way for the new.

What am I manifesting – Wheel of Fortune (Rev.)

The wheel is turning in order to disrupt the current cycle of oppression. We are all working together at different levels to manifest a new reality as the wheel makes another inevitable rotation.

How does what I’m manifesting align with my goals? Queen of Wands (Rev.)

In order to participate in a new just society, we must uproot old ways of being in the world, or “dethrone” old established ways of working together and collaborating in society. We will learn to respond with grace when corrected, and to change our opinion when presented with new information.

What is challenging me? Queen of Pentacles (Rev.)

Part of challenging existing power structures is facing the false narrative that one must give up or sacrifice in order to meet the needs of others. This perpetuates a false narrative of scarcity, and or fear of disrupting that status quo is represented in the challenge of overturning the queen on the throne of coins. In truth, by disrupting systems of oppression on all levels will result in a better quality of life for all.

How can I best respond to these challenges? Temperance (Rev.)

This is not a time for patience or reserve. There is no time to wait for people who are not willing to change. We must all move forward NOW toward the ultimate goal of justice for all. None of us is free until the most vulnerable among us has been liberated.

What is the best way toward my goal? (Justice)

This is clearly the most important focus at this time. Call, email, text, march, post, talk to your friends and family, learn.  Keep your eyes on the prize. Most importantly, take action without allowing fear to hold you back from the march toward justice. We are battling perfectionism as much as any other aspect of patriarchal oppression. 

Power and wisdom of this moon phase: Page of Swords (Rev.)

We will continue to see impostors revealed on all levels, as those who use “politically correct” language to mask racist intentions have their true motivations revealed. Everything from performative allyship, to the commercialization of LGBTQ issues, to the actual lies perpetuated by our government fall under this umbrella. The concept of truth is being reclaimed by the people, who will begin to write our own narrative for the future.