Today’s Energy 11-5-20

Rapid changes bring prosperity.

I’m going out on a hopeful limb and interpreting these cards as a sign of the votes that will be counted for Biden today.

Trump supporters are out in force apparently protesting democracy. In some states, they want votes counted. In other states, they want the vote stopped. It’s an obvious eleventh hour power grab.

I see much of this as white power using its systems to maintain dominance. The issue is that it is unlikely to work because those structures have been revealed as the ancient scaffolding of this nation which must be rebuilt for us to enter a new world.

There are a couple of ideas on my mind today. Both have to do with my work as a white woman to hold other ww accountable for their racism.

First, if your feminism is not intersectional, it supports white supremacy.

“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” ― Lilla Watson

Second, white folx and most Western humans in general need to shift from a position if entitlement to one of obligation.

“The difference between a Western settler mindset of, I have rights and an indigenous mindset of I have an obligation.” -Stan Rushworth

Prosperity that comes at the expense of another’s well being will continue to deepen the inequities of our society, maintains a scarcity mindset and enforces those pillars of white supremacy that keep self seperate from the foreign other.

If you have power, you are obligated to use it for the benefit of humanity. This can of course take an infinite number of forms, but if your values are not grounded in care for all humanity you are likely denying your own humanity on some level as a coping mechanism to deal with late stage capitalism and the white dominated patriarchy.

One concept I am exploring is how my actions fall on a scale of actor/ally/accomplice. You can learn more about these nuances and what direct action you can take as a white person at

I commit to deepening my anti-racist work and appealing to open hearts and minds, so send your sleepy white women my way. ⏰

Today’s Energy 11-4-20

sgstasi: Today’s Energy 11-4-20

Today asks us to dream of a better tomorrow for ourselves and BIPOC across the country as it becomes increasingly clear that, as far as half the voting electorate is concerned, Amerikkka is fine to stew in its racist juices for eternity. We don’t yet know who the president will be, but racism was a clear winner.

It is beyond my comprehension that the vote is this close. I know this is a consequence of my white privilege, but its not a result of ignorance. It is simply the wishful thinking that allows me, as a white woman, to indulge in fantasies of equality. Because I am not black, not a marginalized person, I have been cushioned from the experience of racism. It is still an intellectual construct for me, not a lived reality.

And so because I have been able to cushion myself from race – attending a liberal university, living in Santa Cruz CA, working at a progressive community college – I still have the luxury of surprise. I can still have the wind knocked out of my sails and feel like giving up in the face of such unblinking, unrepentant hate. I can still be shocked by a racist nation.

This is a white people’s problem and one we must reason with if we are to move forward. Black, brown and indigenous people cannot escape the spectre of racism that soils our nation. They understand all to deeply the daily reality of oppression SOME white people are waking up to because they can’t merely conceptualize it; it is lived reality every day.

I honestly do not know where to go from here nor should I, because white voices and ideas are not where it’s at. All I can do is continue to open my eyes to the suffering of others and listen to those who are victims of oppression when they say how to change the system. Not only do they know, they KNOW. You cannot call yourself an ally or accomplice and then refuse to take direction from the group you profess to serve.

I am at a loss but I am not stopping. If anything, this election has deepened my commitment to inspiring individual change. I still believe people make bad decisions out of fear and ignorance.

What we really need is a cure for callousness. And it ain’t getting made in a lab.

Today’s Energy 11-3-20

Aaaaaaassaah it’s election day!

Anyone else have weird dreams last night? I can’t remember the details but there were some strange alliances afoot.

The Hermit is one of my favorite cards, and here we see it with the wren. There is a commonly known passerine bird called the hermit thrush, and I did some research to see if there is also a hermit wren. Indeed:

“The hermit wood wren or Santa Marta wood wren is a species of bird in the family Troglodytidae. It is endemic to Colombia.” -Wikipedia

In California, house wrens often live side by side with people in our mailboxes, sheds, custom birdhouses and other man-made structures.

This card combo speaks to resourcefulness on the home front, and encourages to use the lingering full Taurus moon energy to navigate the next week or so as Mercury stations direct (today!).

When a planet ends its retrograde period it slowly ramps up to its usual transit speed. What Mercury leaves behind is missed connections, missing items, miscommunication, misunderstanding, etc. Things should become more clear as we progress through the month but that does not translate into easy. A lot of proverbial sh!t still has to hit the fan.

Given the sheer volume of unknown right now, it is crucial to stabilize what you can in terms of budget and business relationships. If you feel you are in an area where racial (or any kind) of unrest is a possibility you should be thinking of a safety plan. Decide where your threshold lies and be ready to firmly uphold your physical and emotional boundaries.

We are in uncharted territory and must rely on our own intuition and insight to make good decisions for ourselves, our loved ones, and the collective at large.

The Hermit holds a lantern of inner knowing, and with it illuminates the path forward. Regardless of the election results, some things will not change: the wonder of birdsong in the bush, the pleasure of seeing a sunrise, the beauty of butterflies and changing fall leaves.

Be prepared, my friends, be engaged but also be joyous. You must continue to cultivate your inner light so that is is strengthened against the winds of change.

Today’s Energy: 11-2-20

Decks: Divine Feather Messenger and Spiritsong Tarot

A literal cat and mouse are in the cards today!

This combo brings to mind the delicate balance we must walk as we find and use our personal power.

I have seen many activists and educators asking the question in recent days: what happens when the language and methods of resistance organization are co-opted and used by the oppressor to maintain power?

There is a commercial for running gear on TV right now that uses this analogy: the gazelle wakes up and thinks it must run for its life. The lion wakes up and thinks it must run or starve. Therefore, each of us must be prepared to run.

What I am hoping to illustrate is that the same language we use to speak our personal stories of liberation can be used by the patriarchy to justify it’s existence. The sword of power cuts both ways.

On the eve of an historic election, it may be that everyone wants the same thing and that we just have different ways of getting there. But I think there is a segment of American culture that does not want change, progress, or even a return to the “way things were.” They want an imaginary future where positions of power are guaranteed and there is nothing to do but walk down the primrose path to the American dream. Here there is an illusion of work = reward but what is really going on is the desire to do the same thing and get the same rewards white people have always gotten. Some people can only imagine a future where their basic needs are met at the necessary expense of those “less fortunate” than them. Hashtag blessed.

To return to the cat and mouse / lion and gazelle analogy, we are animals and we are part of the natural world by we are also human and endowed with something more unique. Unlike those creatures who must choose a life of survival, we have the ability to create a new reality. We can choose not to chase, we can choose not to run away in fear. We do not have to be predator or prey. Life is not the binary that it is presented to be.

On the cusp of a new future, with uncertainty and excitement in the air, consider those ways you can use your voice and power in a new way that does not merely replicate the patterns you seek to change.