Daily Reading Feb 17

Daily Energy Readings

Wed Feb 17

Today’s cards indicate you may need to take a break from something or someone in order to care for your basic needs.

Likewise, you may be called upon to comfort someone who has had to walk away from a challenging situation.

Perhaps someone has grown tired of your foolishness and is moving on, or you have become fed up with the antics of someone who you know will not change and you’re ready to make a break.

You might have received new information or gained knowledge that has forever changed your world view and you can no longer fall back on professed ignorance.

Regardless of the reason, there is some disappointment and grief here that needs some TLC. A transition or shift is occurring, or the seeds of change have been planted and you will soon discover what fruit they may bear.

The sun is about to move from the airy communication of Aquarius to the watery depths of Pisces. Whatever ideas we have conceived of this past month, and whatever changes we want as a result, will have to pass through the filter of our emotions in order to be realized in the spring when firey Aries comes out to play. This is the season to cast that last bit of baggage off the boat and into the setting sun.

Deck: Prism Tarot and EartHeart Affirmation Deck

Daily Reading Feb 16

Daily Energy Readings

Tue Feb 16

The days grow longer; the sun rises a bit earlier each day and darkness creeps on a bit more slowly.

Yet, the light of illumation, knowledge and warmth will not help us grow unless we have done the necessary shadow work to reveal our hurt and injured places.

There is a necessary dichotomy between light and dark but it us an oversimplification to equate this polarity with good and evil. This is literally black and white thinking.

There is both goodness and danger in the light. It may help us clarify what we don’t understand. But it can also blind us to reality and cause us to get burned…or to burn others.

There is both sorrow and discovery in the darkness. In the shadows we may find secret treasures hidden even from ourselves. But we must beware of getting lost in darkness, with no light of hope to guide us forward.

The biggest lesson here is that we must learn to tolerate the ambiguous grey mist of not knowing. We must accept that life is not all love and light nor despair and darkness. By embracing the power of shadow and acknowledging the limitations of light we become more understanding and compassionate. We become more resilient and able to cope with uncertainty and change. And we grow more realistic about the actual work that must be done to bring comfort and energy to all of humanity (hint: it’s dismantling systemic oppression and white supremacy within ourselves.)

May the rising sun joyfully illuminate our individual and collective work ahead.

Daily Reading Feb 14

Daily Energy Readings

Sun Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s day, my loves.

Today there is a Mercury-Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Aquarius. Mercury governs communication, Jupiter encourages expansion and new ideas, and Venus is associated with love and values.

Like a mixed up Mad-Lib, these elements combine to impact our energies. We want to talk about love. We love our new ideas. We need to discuss necessary changes. We are ready to express our true feelings to an old friend, or throw caution to the wind and seek a new lover. Everything is on the table today, but it is not sweet and sentimental. The way we discuss our values may be confusing or hard to understand, because we are trying to invent new ideas of love. Indeed, we want to know what love is, and we want to discuss it in a myriad of ways.

Today’s cards encourage us to be true to our heart’s vision, even if we do not yet fully understand what that means. If you have any inkling that you want something more or different in your emotional life you must have the courage to make the necessary changes to move in a new direction. Do not trade security for satisfaction. Do not avoid clearly communicating your needs to hold off conflict. Doing so derails your emotional growth.

Many people are sad, tired, and lonely on this day. We cannot connect the way we usually do. We may feel resentment and disappointment that we cannot celebrate in any traditional way. Because Mercury is in Rx, skeletons (and exes) may come tumbling out of the closet, demanding to be addressed with unpleasant urgency.

Because of our current circumstance, it is more important than ever to adjust your expectations of partnership. In the unusual space we have today, we may continue to think deeply about how love and acceptance factor into our overall approach to relationships. What are our values, how do we define them, and how do we enact them in the world?

Daily Reading Feb 13

Daily Energy Readings

Sat Feb 13

Today gives us the courage to set our boundaries with confidence, knowing that asserting our limits is respectful to ourselves and others.

In the natural world, animals rarely act out of a sense of obligation. Some highly organized societies, such as primates like chimpanzees or gorillas, do have complex interpersonal relationships. But if a young gorilla tries to steal the best bamboo from her big sister, she might get clobbered or bit. And everyone knows not to get too presumptuous when the big silverback is around.

Today’s ten of wands from the Spiritsong deck features a donkey. You may never have tried to overload a mule, but if the animal’s burden is too much to carry it will simply stop walking. Or notice if you’ve been out exercising with your dog and they just decide they’re done and you have to carry them home.

Animals may work themselves to death or risk their lives to save their owners because it is behaviorally expected of them, not necessarily out of a sense of duty or obligation.

There are always exceptions, of course, but I use these examples to illustrate the idea that if you take on too much in the name of service you may actually create a setback instead of being helpful. Overworking because you think you have to or should is a sure recipe for burnout. And when you are defeated, sick, or exhausted you cannot be in full service to yourself or anyone else.

Additionally, if you let other people transgress your boundaries, that’s not kindness. You run the risk of being harmed and the other person is not held accountable. Let’s take the example of the baby gorilla. If big sister gives her the biggest bamboo, she might be happy but her sister might go hungry. If the Silverback tolerates noisy play in the afternoon, it might attract predators that endanger his family group. Boundaries, when enacted with love and authenticity, actually create clarity for everyone involved.

Only you know your limits, thus you are responsible for communicating your needs and desires to others. Your personal strength is enhanced with authentic aligned action.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and Divine Feather Messenger oracle

Daily Reading Feb 11

Daily Energy Readings

Thu Feb 11

The message that keeps coming through today is, “give it a rest!”

Somewhere someone is trying to hard to force a situation that requires the opposite approach. Today’s cards encourage a deep connection between heart and mind and a commitment to action based on empathy as well as strong boundaries.

I have heard it said that empathy without boundaries is abuse. It sounds counterintuitive, but the trap many highly sensitive people fall into is anticipating other people’s feelings and acting to either enhance or prevent those reactions. We may believe we are helping the other person, or we may be acting out of fear of receiving the full brunt of that person’s emotion. Either way, these are not authentic actions and tread dangerously close to codependency.

It’s not inherently wrong to use your talents to help others. But be careful of trying to save people who never asked for your help in the first place. Not only are you interfering with their growth, but you also run the risk of burning yourself out being on high alert to all the pain and sadness that you pick up when your psychic radar is constantly on savior mode. Thinking you can save anyone is an ego based belief and it can cause a great deal of stress when it is in fact not your responsibility.

Today’s new moon reminds us to take care of our own business before we get up in other people’s. Working as a collective is about what we can bring to the table. It is not running around and cooking everybody’s meal for them because you’re concerned they’ll mess up the food.

Let people make their own mistakes. Trying to prevent other people’s pain will only cause them a detour on their life path. The lesson will be learned eventually, one way or the other. Of course you can give your opinion, but don’t tie your expectations or your own well being to another person’s actions.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and Eternal Crystals Oracle

Daily Reading Feb 10

Daily Energy Readings, Tarot

Wed Feb 10

Today’s cards wonder if there is a different path to your destination.

With Aquarian energy high, there are many new ideas floating about. We are learning new things, honing fresh tools, and reinventing how we accomplish mundane tasks.

If there is a project or idea you have been wanting to bring to life, this is a fruitful time to explore different ways you might make that dream a reality.

This is a good time for learning practical skills through trial and error. I really want to create an oracle deck and get it printed and for sale, for example. I’m about halfway through the art creation, but yesterday I started learning about print on demand services and other ways I might bring it to market. I even played around with Printify and Gelato and created some products for my Etsy shop to get a feel for how it might work. Next I’ll probably join a Reddit group with other deck makers to crowd source ideas for where to get the first run printed and other things I don’t know how to do.

I have always wanted to be a career artist but could see no path to get there. Lately I feel a shift in my own perspective and many possibilities for creating. And I have learned to redefine my idea of career (a tough thing for this 10th house Aries sun) as more than just how I “make a living.” It us also how I share my vision with the world.

Finding a new way forward can mean forging a different path, but it can also involve changing your outlook and expectations based on current realities. I am only a frustrated artist in the context of capitalist success. Outside of that structure, my art is divine magic.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and Eternal Crystals Oracle

Daily Reading Feb 8

Daily Energy Readings, Tarot

Monday Feb 8

Today’s cards represent positive emotional energy, self-confidence, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Relationships or partnerships are likely to play a role in this goodwill. Carnelian gemstone encourages us to stand tall in our convictions and to be confident in our ideas and aspirations.

Through being honest with ourselves, facing the skeletons in our own closet, and engaging in ongoing emotional healing work we may come to more fully understand what kind of partner we are or at least strive to be. Then we understand what kind of partner we need.

Confidence is attractive in a way desperation or self-deprecation is not. You will draw those people to you who appreciate your authentic self.

If you enter partnerships or relationships compromising your needs or values, you will be stuck in that false role for the duration of the relationship, hesitant to show your true self for fear of rejection. In my experience, this is a fast track to depression and anxiety. I have spent a lot of years trying to be what people wanted or expected me to be, especially at work or in any cooperative endeavor, and it only leads to low self-esteem, frustration, and resentment.

True satisfaction on a soul level can only come from authentic partipation in life. Making yourself smaller (or less emotional, or less witty, or less sexy, or more fancy, or more serious, etc.) to suit other people’s needs, even if it earns short term praise and validation, will only weaken your confidence and emotional fulfillment in the long run.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and Eternal Crystals Oracle

Daily Reading Feb 7

Daily Energy Readings, Tarot

Sun Feb 7

Today’s cards are full of childlike energy.

The Page of Wands is another harbinger of new beginnings. They represent enthusiasm, excitement, creativity and exploration.

This Page asks you to look at your projects and responsibilities with the eyes of a child. What do children bring to their “work?”

Little ones are innocent, curious, open to new ideas, interested in how things work, don’t make assumptions, rarely have expected outcomes, are OK not being in control, and prioritize fun and play when making decisions.

Of course kids can also create chaos as a form of personal power, be resistant to change, and freak out when unexpected events occur.

Being a kid is hard work, but it is also a time of life that is infused with miracles and magic.

Personally I think that kids are taken for granted in American society. We love to talk about how they need to be “protected and saved” yet when young people speak up and assert their needs or suggest there might be a better way they are often silenced and marginalized because they are outside of the capitalist structure, where value is tied to the market. If we really wanted to center American life around children, well… let’s just say that functioning daycare is the least of our problems.

I offer you these ideas as a meditation on your idea of “childhood.” What might it mean for you to be more childlike in your approach?

On the flip side, where are you infantilizing young folks or simply new ideas as not being wise enough or mature enough to take seriously?

Deck: Tarot of a Moon Garden and Healing with the Angels Oracle

Daily Reading Feb 5

Daily Energy Readings, Tarot

Fri Feb 5

Love is in the air as we glide closer to the time of traditional romantic celebrations.

Today’s cards feel like a continuation if our ongoing astrological themes. Venus sits right in the mix of all the heavy hitters in Aquarius (Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, and Mercury Rx) and will transit each one in turn as she makes her way through Aquarius.

We will be asked to question what we need in our relationships as well as what others need from us. This Valentine’s Day is not sugar-coated. It requires a hard look at the reality of what love is… and what it isn’t.

In order to understand our place in the romantic landscape we have to accept our own issues, complexities, ugliness and beauty. We have to learn to love ourselves outside of what society says we should be. How can we desire unconditional love from another when we are not yet able to give that love to ourselves?

Our oppressive capitalist culture depends on feelings of scarcity and inadequacy. Far beyond a market for transferring the basic goods necessary for life, our economy and those who extract profit from it depend on our self loathing so that we will purchase a solution to our suffering. We are taught to consume in order to make ourselves lovable.

These structures are crumbling, and fast. The facade is thin and folks are starting to clearly see where we are being manipulated in order to maintain existing structures of power.

Self love outside of this system is scary and challenging. It can feel like stepping away from a fully set table to scavenge in the wilderness. But through that journey into the unknown, you may discover treasures and talents that you have kept hidden out of fear. Fear of ridicule, fear of rejection. But herein also lies the secret to your satisfaction, happiness, and possibly success outside of expected performative norms.

“Commitment to truth-telling lays the groundwork for the openness and honesty that is the heartbeat of love. When we can see ourselves as we truly are and accept ourselves, we build the necessary foundation for self-love.”
-bell hooks

Daily Reading Feb 4

Daily Energy Readings, Tarot

Thu Feb 4

Today may bring wonderful and seemingly miraculous new ideas or information.

The threes in Tarot are full of potential. They are the next step after successful partnership or balance of the twos.

The three of wands indicates new adventure on the horizon. This could be an interesting idea you implement, a fresh romance, a new job, travel, or simply fortuitous changes to your existing circumstance.

In terms of social justice, this card combo reminds us that what appear to be miracles also have a large component of hard work. Even if that work is invisible in the form of faith and values, it still can take concentrated effort to keep that faith in yourself and in the universe over the long haul.

I recommend the very interesting “A Course in Miracles” a 1976 book by Helen Schucman. Fair warning, it has all the red flags of spiritual bypassing and it is presented as the word of Christ as dictated to a white woman. So take it with a grain of salt. I see it as a useful research text to reference in exploring these ideas and it is an accessible introduction into the Christian idea of miracles, which is of course just one tiny corner (and an oft abused one at that) of the magic world.

Deck: Tarot of a Moon Garden and Healing with the Angels Oracle