Daily Reading Feb 26

Fri Feb 26

Astrological energies are fluid today, but there is a general sense of optimism and personal autonomy. Our values are highlighted, especially around relationships. We may experience clear vision as past illusions fall away.

The World is the final card in the Major Arcana. It completes a symbolic cycle, or season, of life. The moon is nearly full and will soon complete this cycle of growth. The sun is in the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces, along with Venus and Neptune. Our dreams are nearly ripe and ready for harvest.

Each day is also the beginning of a new cycle. Affirmations are a helpful way to set your intentions for your waking hours. More than simply a tool for productivity, affirmations can help rewrite your internal dialogue, directing your inner voice toward language that uplifts and inspires you to venture outside the box and follow your wildest desires.

Too often we are our own worst enemy, our heads crowded with the values and expectations of an unbalanced society. By creating your own affirmations and repeating them to yourself each day, you create a counter narrative to the dominant discourse. You create space for your vision of reality to take shape. And you solidify the way in which your values, thoughts, and actions align.

Deck: Brady Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle

Daily Reading Feb 25

Thu Feb 25

Today’s cards continue a theme that’s appeared for the past two days.

The Four of Cups is a card much like the Hanged Man but with a few distinctions. There is a focus on emotion, as in disappointment or fear of rejection or failure, that may be holding us back from new beginnings. The timing may be right to move forward, but we lack the drive to do so. There is am implication that this apathy is a result of past experiences that have worn us out and taken the spark of adventure away. It is not merely circumstances stopping our movement; we are keeping ourselves at bay for some reason.

We also see another card today for positive manifestation energy. As I wrote yesterday, manifestation is about more than wishful thinking. But it does require focus and belief in ourselves and our self worth.

It’s OK to not know where you are going or what you want. Apathy is not necessarily a bad thing if what you need is space to process your feelings or are waiting for creative inspiration to strike. Perhaps this is a time of deep self-reflection.

The challenge is to not get stuck wallowing in self-pity, negative self-talk, jealousy or fantasies of revenge. Bad things happen, and sometimes we may even be responsible for those things. But we have the power to determine our personal narrative about the past. It might take time to recover from a fall, but remember that manifestation begins when you make up your mind to do it. If you want to learn to ride, you have to get back on the horse.

Don’t let disappointment hold you back from wishing on a star. Don’t assume you know everything about how magic may appear. 🌟

Deck: Brady Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle

Daily Reading Feb 23

Tue Feb 23

Today is a good time to look at the transits of Mars and what our cards indicate as a result.

Mars is square Venus today and also forms a trine with Pluto.

Mars square Venus brings our values to the forefront. Our actions are infused with desire. We have a great deal of drive.

Mars trine Pluto cracks open our subconscious and transformative energy pours forth. Our true selves are revealed, but our ego is also activated as a form of protection.

Mars brings the energy of external action, drive, and spontaneous combustion to every planet it aspects. Today’s cards caution us from getting carried away with that fire.

We are warned against knee-jerk, ego-based action that preserves the status quo. This does not mean we must stand down and avoid fighting for what we want, but we are advised to do so with tact and diplomacy.

We are also warned against being so blinded by our own crusade that we fight for the sake of a cause that is either long gone or makes no real difference in the long run. This is Don Quixote tilting at windmills: fighting imaginary enemies for a romanticized ideal that can’t exist in reality. This is Gatsby staring at Daisy’s green light and obsessing over a past that can never translate into the future.

Mars can drive us to create with intense and passionate energy, and can power us to fight for our deepest held beliefs. This is crucial to creating a new and better world.

But before we break ground on our newest development, we are asked to deeply consider whether we are planning a strong foundation or merely dreaming of a glass castle. We are encouraged to pursue our dreams, not amplify our delusions.

Deck: Brady Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle

Daily Reading Feb 22

Mon Feb 22

Today’s cards remind us to not get stuck in overthinking, and to regicmize that we might not arrive at all our necessary answers simply via rational thought.

At the same time, manifestation is more than just wishful thinking. We must combine our rational thoughts with intuition and instinct to create magic.

Magic requires that we step outside of the conventional norms of resistance. This requires courage and self awareness. We are conditioned to believe that our success is dependent on our own innate abilities and how hard we work to apply them to the traditional structures of society. Earning straight A’s on your report card is an example of this linear and traditionally defined achievement.

This kind of performance is respected and can of course generate power and opportunity for the superstar student. But the risk lies on the performance itself . I know from my personal experience that those grades weren’t what mattered; it was the praise and reputation as a “good student” that meant the most.

What is missing from this equation is chaos and failure. I did not make a “catastrophic mistake” until well into adulthood. As we all know, chaos is where the magic happens and failure is how we learn and grow.

In performing so well to other people’s expectations, I paid no attention to my own needs and desires. Thinking about the Chariot cards from yesterday, I held tight to the reigns of my cart. I did not leave room for magic. I did not leave space for mystery. It was a one-way mission to the top. It was a relief to finally give up control, but it was a far fall from perfection for me.

Manifestation requires both intent and allowing. Often the universe gives us what we need even if it is not in the form we expected or desired. With the right attitude, we can learn from these challenges and increase our resilience and personal power in the process.

Deck: Brady Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle

Daily Reading Feb 19

Fri Feb 19

Today the Page of Wands invites us to explore our inner and outer worlds before launching into action.

The sun has moved from the airy ideas of Aquarius into the dreamy water of Pisces. Depending on your personal astrology, the dreamy, free floating Pisces energy can be comforting, confusing, or overwhelming. Do you have a lot of water signs in your birth chart? Or are you more of an earth, air, or fire baby?

Pisces asks us to consider our feelings deeply, and from many perspectives. While fire signs take action, air signs think and discuss, and earth signs make a big pot of soup to process feelings, water signs just dive right into the full range of human emotion. By exploring all the emotions present within, they gain clarity about how they feel and take action (or not, lol) accordingly.

This is the dream time of the zodiac, the time to dip our feet in the flowing waters of subconscious desire. During Aquarius we started to voice our ideas and to discuss and write more clearly about restructuring society.

The Pisces sun asks, how do we feel about these ideas? How can we reconcile our fear of the unknown with our desire for change? How can we move forward in compassion, considering our own needs and the needs of others less fortunate, prioritizing people over profit?

Centring our social justice work in love is one way to use emotion to drive change.

“The transformative power of love is not fully embraced in our society because we often wrongly believe that torment and anguish are our ‘natural’ condition.”
-bell hooks

We don’t yet believe that we are worthy of love outside of the consumer matrix, so we disregard the emotions that may actually be used to guide our way forward. Words will not be enough to transform our world; we must also act in alignment with our beliefs and values instead of tailoring our deepest desires to meet the existing constraints of an oppressive society.

Deck: Prism Tarot and EartHeart Affirmation Deck

Daily Reading Feb 17

Wed Feb 17

Today’s cards indicate you may need to take a break from something or someone in order to care for your basic needs.

Likewise, you may be called upon to comfort someone who has had to walk away from a challenging situation.

Perhaps someone has grown tired of your foolishness and is moving on, or you have become fed up with the antics of someone who you know will not change and you’re ready to make a break.

You might have received new information or gained knowledge that has forever changed your world view and you can no longer fall back on professed ignorance.

Regardless of the reason, there is some disappointment and grief here that needs some TLC. A transition or shift is occurring, or the seeds of change have been planted and you will soon discover what fruit they may bear.

The sun is about to move from the airy communication of Aquarius to the watery depths of Pisces. Whatever ideas we have conceived of this past month, and whatever changes we want as a result, will have to pass through the filter of our emotions in order to be realized in the spring when firey Aries comes out to play. This is the season to cast that last bit of baggage off the boat and into the setting sun.

Deck: Prism Tarot and EartHeart Affirmation Deck

Daily Reading Feb 16

Tue Feb 16

The days grow longer; the sun rises a bit earlier each day and darkness creeps on a bit more slowly.

Yet, the light of illumation, knowledge and warmth will not help us grow unless we have done the necessary shadow work to reveal our hurt and injured places.

There is a necessary dichotomy between light and dark but it us an oversimplification to equate this polarity with good and evil. This is literally black and white thinking.

There is both goodness and danger in the light. It may help us clarify what we don’t understand. But it can also blind us to reality and cause us to get burned…or to burn others.

There is both sorrow and discovery in the darkness. In the shadows we may find secret treasures hidden even from ourselves. But we must beware of getting lost in darkness, with no light of hope to guide us forward.

The biggest lesson here is that we must learn to tolerate the ambiguous grey mist of not knowing. We must accept that life is not all love and light nor despair and darkness. By embracing the power of shadow and acknowledging the limitations of light we become more understanding and compassionate. We become more resilient and able to cope with uncertainty and change. And we grow more realistic about the actual work that must be done to bring comfort and energy to all of humanity (hint: it’s dismantling systemic oppression and white supremacy within ourselves.)

May the rising sun joyfully illuminate our individual and collective work ahead.

Daily Reading Feb 14

Sun Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s day, my loves.

Today there is a Mercury-Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Aquarius. Mercury governs communication, Jupiter encourages expansion and new ideas, and Venus is associated with love and values.

Like a mixed up Mad-Lib, these elements combine to impact our energies. We want to talk about love. We love our new ideas. We need to discuss necessary changes. We are ready to express our true feelings to an old friend, or throw caution to the wind and seek a new lover. Everything is on the table today, but it is not sweet and sentimental. The way we discuss our values may be confusing or hard to understand, because we are trying to invent new ideas of love. Indeed, we want to know what love is, and we want to discuss it in a myriad of ways.

Today’s cards encourage us to be true to our heart’s vision, even if we do not yet fully understand what that means. If you have any inkling that you want something more or different in your emotional life you must have the courage to make the necessary changes to move in a new direction. Do not trade security for satisfaction. Do not avoid clearly communicating your needs to hold off conflict. Doing so derails your emotional growth.

Many people are sad, tired, and lonely on this day. We cannot connect the way we usually do. We may feel resentment and disappointment that we cannot celebrate in any traditional way. Because Mercury is in Rx, skeletons (and exes) may come tumbling out of the closet, demanding to be addressed with unpleasant urgency.

Because of our current circumstance, it is more important than ever to adjust your expectations of partnership. In the unusual space we have today, we may continue to think deeply about how love and acceptance factor into our overall approach to relationships. What are our values, how do we define them, and how do we enact them in the world?

Daily Reading Feb 13

Sat Feb 13

Today gives us the courage to set our boundaries with confidence, knowing that asserting our limits is respectful to ourselves and others.

In the natural world, animals rarely act out of a sense of obligation. Some highly organized societies, such as primates like chimpanzees or gorillas, do have complex interpersonal relationships. But if a young gorilla tries to steal the best bamboo from her big sister, she might get clobbered or bit. And everyone knows not to get too presumptuous when the big silverback is around.

Today’s ten of wands from the Spiritsong deck features a donkey. You may never have tried to overload a mule, but if the animal’s burden is too much to carry it will simply stop walking. Or notice if you’ve been out exercising with your dog and they just decide they’re done and you have to carry them home.

Animals may work themselves to death or risk their lives to save their owners because it is behaviorally expected of them, not necessarily out of a sense of duty or obligation.

There are always exceptions, of course, but I use these examples to illustrate the idea that if you take on too much in the name of service you may actually create a setback instead of being helpful. Overworking because you think you have to or should is a sure recipe for burnout. And when you are defeated, sick, or exhausted you cannot be in full service to yourself or anyone else.

Additionally, if you let other people transgress your boundaries, that’s not kindness. You run the risk of being harmed and the other person is not held accountable. Let’s take the example of the baby gorilla. If big sister gives her the biggest bamboo, she might be happy but her sister might go hungry. If the Silverback tolerates noisy play in the afternoon, it might attract predators that endanger his family group. Boundaries, when enacted with love and authenticity, actually create clarity for everyone involved.

Only you know your limits, thus you are responsible for communicating your needs and desires to others. Your personal strength is enhanced with authentic aligned action.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and Divine Feather Messenger oracle

Daily Reading Feb 11

Thu Feb 11

The message that keeps coming through today is, “give it a rest!”

Somewhere someone is trying to hard to force a situation that requires the opposite approach. Today’s cards encourage a deep connection between heart and mind and a commitment to action based on empathy as well as strong boundaries.

I have heard it said that empathy without boundaries is abuse. It sounds counterintuitive, but the trap many highly sensitive people fall into is anticipating other people’s feelings and acting to either enhance or prevent those reactions. We may believe we are helping the other person, or we may be acting out of fear of receiving the full brunt of that person’s emotion. Either way, these are not authentic actions and tread dangerously close to codependency.

It’s not inherently wrong to use your talents to help others. But be careful of trying to save people who never asked for your help in the first place. Not only are you interfering with their growth, but you also run the risk of burning yourself out being on high alert to all the pain and sadness that you pick up when your psychic radar is constantly on savior mode. Thinking you can save anyone is an ego based belief and it can cause a great deal of stress when it is in fact not your responsibility.

Today’s new moon reminds us to take care of our own business before we get up in other people’s. Working as a collective is about what we can bring to the table. It is not running around and cooking everybody’s meal for them because you’re concerned they’ll mess up the food.

Let people make their own mistakes. Trying to prevent other people’s pain will only cause them a detour on their life path. The lesson will be learned eventually, one way or the other. Of course you can give your opinion, but don’t tie your expectations or your own well being to another person’s actions.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and Eternal Crystals Oracle