Daily Reading Mar 10

Wed Mar 10

Today’s card from my work in progress the Rock Star Oracle is Trent Reznor / Release. “Time to let it go.”

Paired with the eight of cups, it reminds us that while it is reasonable to grieve loss or disappointment, we must be wary of escaping into our regret and allowing it to consume us.

“If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” – Nietzsche

There are some truths about existence that, once we become aware of them, it can be difficult to fully enjoy life. The full spectrum of human suffering is so great that, if we focus our attention only on uncovering those causes of injustice, we may lose ourselves completely in the process.

On the other side of the coin, if we never do the crucial self examination to see how we have been harmed by and may continue to harm others, we are victims of spiritual bypassing. Love and light may only camouflage the darkness; it is still there waiting to be acknowledged.

Trent Reznor is well acquainted with the shadow side of human nature. His music, especially the first two studio albums, deals with themes of obsession, self-destruction, and proximity to evil. He crawls inside the abyss and makes a cozy home there, inviting us to join him on an industrial subterranean exploration.

Reznor is a conduit between what we see and what we would prefer to keep hidden. His music is a loop between suffering and release.

Reznor has also achieved massive success by crawling out of the pit of despair and stepping into his creative power. Instead of being destroyed by the abyss, he learned to transform the lessons of pain into haunting movie soundtracks.

It’s OK to be sad, to feel grief, to explore the parts of ourselves and others that are frightening and unknown. We do not want to stay in the shadows, feeding off of our and other’s pain. But we can release these experiences into the world in the form of art, narrative, or testimony to the incredible resilience of humanity.

Deck: Tarot of a Moon Garden and the Rock Star Oracle

Daily Reading Feb 17

Wed Feb 17

Today’s cards indicate you may need to take a break from something or someone in order to care for your basic needs.

Likewise, you may be called upon to comfort someone who has had to walk away from a challenging situation.

Perhaps someone has grown tired of your foolishness and is moving on, or you have become fed up with the antics of someone who you know will not change and you’re ready to make a break.

You might have received new information or gained knowledge that has forever changed your world view and you can no longer fall back on professed ignorance.

Regardless of the reason, there is some disappointment and grief here that needs some TLC. A transition or shift is occurring, or the seeds of change have been planted and you will soon discover what fruit they may bear.

The sun is about to move from the airy communication of Aquarius to the watery depths of Pisces. Whatever ideas we have conceived of this past month, and whatever changes we want as a result, will have to pass through the filter of our emotions in order to be realized in the spring when firey Aries comes out to play. This is the season to cast that last bit of baggage off the boat and into the setting sun.

Deck: Prism Tarot and EartHeart Affirmation Deck

Daily Reading – Jan 5

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and Divine Feather Messenger

1/5/21: Eight of shells (Cups) / Chickadee

We continue to release old patterns and routines that no longer seem to suit our needs. There is some regret about what must be released. There may even be some conflict or hurt feelings to address in the course of changing our trajectory. When making decisions, balance your needs with the good of the collective, remembering that we are ultimately all connected and responsible for each others’ well being.

What are you glad to let go of this year? What are you sad to say goodbye to?