Daily Reading Mar 17

Wed Mar 17

Today’s cards feature Sedna, a dwarf planet at the edge of our solar system. Astronomers only became aware of it’s existance in 2003.

Named for the Inuit diety associated with icy ocean waters and marine life, Sedna is associated with the transformative power of loss. The myth of this goddess is quite intense and is worth exploring to better understand this Persephone-like archetype.

Paired with the firey five of wands (pictured here as a Jaguar on the five of acorns) Sedna guides us toward resilience.

Challenge is inevitable, whether brought on by our own choices or as a result of circumstances beyond our control. What matters is how we deal with the adversity life throws our way. Of course we would prefer to avoid suffering, but when we do experience pain and grief that can reveal parts of ourselves, inner strength and personal power, that we were not previously in tune with.

This inner resilience can in turn be used to reduce future suffering for ourselves and others. Healing ourselves is the first step in healing society. If we never deal with our own hurt and trauma, we risk perpetuating it in our own ancestry and repeating the patterns of oppression and abuse that created our emotional injury.

Today I want to add an extra disclaimer about Tarot in general. Tarot is a practice of divination that traces back in large part to Roma culture. For thousands of years, people have been persecuted for practicing what I now post here without pain or consequence. This is an acknowledgement that the history of cartography is bound up with oppression and trauma for many cultures, and in using cards to deliver my daily messages for the collective I hope to take responsibility for my ancestral role in this oppression. As I wrote above, it is our responsibility to address suffering, especially if we brought it on through our own actions, intentional or not. In doing so we may clear a karmic debt for future generations.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and AstroOracle