Full Moon Collage

Tomorrow is a full moon in Libra. A good time to focus on what rings true and release what no longer feels authentic or in alignment with your intentions.

“We focus on the source of truth.”

August 2020 Full Moon in Aquarius

full moon spread by Lisa Stockley via @the.moon.calendar
Deck: Tarot of the Moon Garden

Full moon in Aquarius, August 3, 2020

When the moon is full we are invited to reflect on the intentions we set during the new moon. Are things going along as planned, or do we need to adjust our expectations?

What has reached its peak? Six of Swords

We are coming to the end of a time of necessary rest after a great deal of turmoil and conflict. The action is far from over, however, and our respite will soon end as we begin a new cycle of action.

What is emerging? Six of Cups

We may be feeling nostalgic for the ways things were, and there is possibly an urge to withdraw from the fight for a time and resort to old habits and old ways. We may be craving comfort, even if we know this comfort is often privilege in disguise. This is a time to decide which rituals and traditions serve you moving forward into the future, and which are merely learned behaviors that no longer align with your current values.

Indy helping with the reading

What am I manifesting? Seven of Swords

Because forward progress is not liner right now, some may feel frustrated about how to best participate in the social justice movement. Withdrawal and escape is an option, but it will not yield the results we desire at this time. Instead, we must ask: how can we face our responsibility to society in a way that also serves our health and well being?

How are my relationships? Ace of Pentacles (rev)

It is difficult to start new projects or investments right now due to a lack of material stability. Many of us literally don’t know where our next income is coming from. New beginnings are on the horizon and with them new ways of doing business and relating to each other. Things have not yet come to fruition and we may be struggling to imagine how they will manifest.

This is a time to decide which rituals and traditions serve you moving forward into the future, and which are merely learned behaviors that no longer align with your current values.

What is preparing for release? Chariot (rev)

We are going to have to give up control of some things and focus our energy where it is most effective. We are approaching a time of togetherness and working in a collective way. We will be asked to integrate the duality of our shadow and light sides. We must face all of ourselves if we are to evolve and grow, and we will learn to recognize when our controlling tendencies detract from working with others instead of contributing to the whole.

What is the wisdom of this moon cycle? The Hierophant

We are asked to ground our spiritual practices in the traditions that feel right to us and align with our values. In the absence of clear material stability, it is our spiritual connections and foundation that will see us through. By being true to our beliefs, we will attract other groups of humans who will assist us with our social justice work, using our specific tools, skills, and creativity.

Oracle card: Movement

Now is the time for action, but not via tightly controlled and executed plans. Instead, we are asked to go with the flow and move with flexibility and agile response to change like never before.

Tarot for Justice: Full Moon in Capricorn

photo by author

Today, July 4-5, is a full moon in Capricorn. It is also a lunar eclipse. this makes the impact of this full moon last longer than just the usual 28 days. Momentous shifts are in the cards.

  1. What has reached its peak?

Queen of Cups (Rev)

We are moving through a phase of being ruled by our emotions. A complete release of emotional control brought on by new and unexpected emotions such as extreme empathy, guilt, and shame has ruled the first half of this moon cycle. We are nearing the end of the initial purge of unchecked emotion, allowing us now to enter into a time when we can stop sprinting away from the pain and begin to strategize about the marathon we have ahead.

  1. What needs to be seen? 

Nine of Swords

We cannot bury our head in our hands in despair and ignore the very real actions that we can take to create social change. We must continue to use the means we have at our disposal, including writing, calling, and emailing government officials, to uncover all forms of injustice.

  1. What is is the spotlight? 

Three of Pentacles

We are working on foundational anti-racist skills. Revisiting old texts and discovering new ones. Listening in a new way. Building our toolkit for effecting social change. Assessing what we can do to shift financial capital and create a more even balance fo power.

  1. How am I in relationship to the world? 

King of Cups

Our emotional reserve is our greatest strength right now. We are drawing on both the collective pain and trauma currently being expressed as well as the reserve of joy and strength that is harbored by those working together for social justice. We feel that we are not alone in the fight, perhaps for the first time, and this gives us emotional strength.

  1. What is preparing for release?

Seven of Cups (Rev)

We are no longer dreaming of a “New Age” or peace on earth. The time has come to get up and take action. On this celebration of our false “Independence Day” we waking up to realize that American was never great for Black, indigenous, LGBTQ, or other groups who were never included in the original vision for our democracy. We will not return to the status quo; a new way of being lies ahead

  1. Magic and wisdom of this moon cycle

Three of Wands (Rev)

We have much to learn about how we are to be in community with the new world we are forming. We must continue to gain knowledge, build on skills and relationships that hold us accountable for our anti-racist journey, and develop structures to support the ideas we want everyone to hold as “self-evident” in the future.

Oracle card: Fuchsite (Heart Chakra)

We are healing trauma within to heal trauma without.