Daily Reading Mar 15

Mon Mar 15

Today’s cards help us feel abundant in our skills and abilities.

Vesta is the brightest asteroid visible from earth. She is also the Roman goddess of hearth and home.

Paired with the nine of pentacles (or crystals in this Tarot deck) Vesta emphasizes the prosperity that may be generated by consistent dedication to a cause or craft.

This is the blending of earth and fire. In a dwelling that is heated by a wood burning stove or fireplace, the “home fire” must be kept burning at a slow and steady pace, both to keep the house at a comfortable temperature and to conserve fuel for the long term.

If all the wood is burned at once, there may be an exciting and delightfully warm evening of towering flames, but only cinders remain the next day.

Likewise, if there is not enough attention given to keeping the fire going, it will die out and leave the house cold and dark until it can be rekindled.

In this way, we are reminded to tend to our work with loving care. This is not meant to encourage productivity for its own sake. We are not in a race to get done first or to complete the most tasks.

Instead, it is a gentle reminder to pace yourself and be mindfulof your own needs to avoid burning or fading out.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and AstroOracle