Daily Reading Mar 20

Sat Mar 20

Welcome spring!

Today is the spring equinox and the changing of seasons. The sun has moved from watery Pisces into firey Aries. The energy of both these transitions is represented in our cards today.

The Queen of Cups rules the emotional depths of Pisces while Aries is guided by the action-oriented Mars. As the earth rotates on her orbit, the relative position of the Sun progresses through the zodiac. And so the seasons and the wheel of the year continue to turn.

Aries is a time of new beginnings both spiritually and in nature. It marks the beginning of the astrological year and corresponds to many religious festivals celebrating the long awaited return of sunshine and growth. Bulbs, seeds, and leaves show tender green shoots. Animals come out of hibernation. We consider our plans for planting annuals and vegetables. There is an influx of vibrating energy.

This transition from the last days of winter is far from easy, however. There is a tension between emotion and action. We are asked to integrate the emotional work we have done for the past month with our plans for growth this spring. There is a sense of responsibility that we must make use of what we have learned.

This is indeed true, especially in the realm of social Justice. Each time an injustice is revealed, we are responsible for acting in alignment with that knowledge. The key here is to develop strategies to move forward even in the face of discouragement overwhelm, or exhaustion.

Structures of oppression rely on the fatigue they generate to remain in power. By learning to harness our emotion to fuel righteous action we avoid falling prey to fragility or apathy, neither of which is a position we can ethically afford to take.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and AstroOracle

Daily Reading Jan 28

Thu Jan 28

There are several significant transits today, as well as a full moon.

Full Moon in Leo: We see ourselves clearly, key ideas and issues are in the social “spotlight”

Venus Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn: How we love ourselves, how we see our bodies and how we care for ourselves may experience a seemingly magical transformation

Jupiter Sun Conjunction in Aquarius: There is a great deal of communication about big new ideas. Someone famous may play a role.

Additionally, this weekend, Mercury stations retrograde.

Today’s cards remind us to not get carried away with our emotions during this challenging time.

Sometimes there is no action to be taken in a given situation, and we are asked instead to sit with our feelings and work through how we really regard the situation.

Many things make me sad, or angry, but since those are “undesirable” emotions it can be tempting to gloss over those things, to minimize their impact, even to put on a happy face and bypass the work of dealing with such challenging issues.

But, if I turn away, how will I ever understand my anger, my sadness, my frustration? How will I know what inspires those feelings in me and why?

Recent events can feel like one long string of discomfort. In the midst of such disruption, we do have the chance to see ourselves in a different light. Of course we must pace ourselves, we must rest, we must go at our own pace.

But we must not give up the fight for a more just and equitable world.

Deck: Astro-Oracle and Tarot of the Cat People.