Daily Reading Mar 23

Tue Mar 23

I like the straightforward message of this card combo today. We are reminded to seek, but not expect, balance and – by extension – justice.

There is a parallel here between balance in our lives and social justice.

In life, we often are reminded to balance our flow of energy for ease and comfort. When we feel out of sorts we say something is off-kilter, we’re out if alignment, or imbalanced. This is a metaphorical way of saying that one or more of our needs is not being met while too much attention or energy is spent elsewhere.

The symbol for justice is a set of balanced scales, implying that fairness is a cornerstone principle of a just society. It suggests that when everyone’s needs are met we will have achieved some aspect of justice.

The phrase “I am willing to let go” is a key affirmation in working for both balance in life and justice in society.in both cases, we must work withour intention and action, but cannot get too tied to those outcomes that are beyond our control.

We cannot singlehandedly save the whole world, nor can we heal ourselves in a single day (or even perhaps a single lifetime). When we release those unrealistic expectations, we are less fragile, less prone to disappointment, and more prepared to invest in the difficult work of making the small steps necessary for lasting change.

Deck: Prism Tarot and Power Thought Cards

Tarot for Justice

First Quarter Moon in Taurus

We have reached the first quarter of this moon cycle. In addition, we are between two eclipses and in the middle of Mercury retrograde. It is a time of change as we identify old ways of being that no longer serve us and also begin to clarify a new way forward.

The most significant aspect of this reading is that all of the cards are reversed except for Justice. Clearly, many aspects of our current reality are being overturned to make way for the new.

What am I manifesting – Wheel of Fortune (Rev.)

The wheel is turning in order to disrupt the current cycle of oppression. We are all working together at different levels to manifest a new reality as the wheel makes another inevitable rotation.

How does what I’m manifesting align with my goals? Queen of Wands (Rev.)

In order to participate in a new just society, we must uproot old ways of being in the world, or “dethrone” old established ways of working together and collaborating in society. We will learn to respond with grace when corrected, and to change our opinion when presented with new information.

What is challenging me? Queen of Pentacles (Rev.)

Part of challenging existing power structures is facing the false narrative that one must give up or sacrifice in order to meet the needs of others. This perpetuates a false narrative of scarcity, and or fear of disrupting that status quo is represented in the challenge of overturning the queen on the throne of coins. In truth, by disrupting systems of oppression on all levels will result in a better quality of life for all.

How can I best respond to these challenges? Temperance (Rev.)

This is not a time for patience or reserve. There is no time to wait for people who are not willing to change. We must all move forward NOW toward the ultimate goal of justice for all. None of us is free until the most vulnerable among us has been liberated.

What is the best way toward my goal? (Justice)

This is clearly the most important focus at this time. Call, email, text, march, post, talk to your friends and family, learn.  Keep your eyes on the prize. Most importantly, take action without allowing fear to hold you back from the march toward justice. We are battling perfectionism as much as any other aspect of patriarchal oppression. 

Power and wisdom of this moon phase: Page of Swords (Rev.)

We will continue to see impostors revealed on all levels, as those who use “politically correct” language to mask racist intentions have their true motivations revealed. Everything from performative allyship, to the commercialization of LGBTQ issues, to the actual lies perpetuated by our government fall under this umbrella. The concept of truth is being reclaimed by the people, who will begin to write our own narrative for the future.