Daily Reading Mar 4

Thu Mar 4

Today the Strength card makes another appearance along with hummingbird energy.

Hummingbirds are tiny, fierce and fascinating. They are highly territorial and will fight with other birds to defend their space. You may have heard the high-pitched whistle of their wings as they swoop into battle.

The stakes are high for these little birds because they must expend so much energy to harvest nectar from flowers that they strongly defend what food they find. Humingbirds will even fight over a feeder since they don’t realize they supply of sugar water will likely be replenished.

Hummingbirds are also a common spirit guides and frequently people believe these little birds embody the spirit of a deceased loved ones.

Here in Santa Cruz the indigenous people view the hummingbird as a central figure in a creation myth about how fire was obtained by the Ohlone people. In this narrative, hummingbird is strong, crafty, resourceful, and brave.

Today’s energy speaks to the fact that you can be small (or marginalized in the dominant power structure) but still be mighty.

You can set and defend the boundaries that protect what you need, but don’t get stuck fighting just because that’s what you’ve always done. Check that the conflict you engage in aligns with your values as well.

Be brave in going for your goals and feel confident that your skills, talents, and even limitations give you a unique ability and perspective to persevere.

Deck: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of the Cat People

Daily Reading Feb 27

Sat Feb 27

Today’s cards are fairly straightforward and invite us to examine the connection between strength and healing.

This is a relationship that flows both ways. It takes strength to heal, and we must heal in order to have strength.

When we talk about healing ourselves, strength may refer to having the faith that we can improve when we fall ill or are injured. It can mean avoiding fatalistic thinking yet still facing reality, and having the strength to acknowledge our limitations while our bodies or minds are working to heal.

Strength may also mean having the fortitude and open mind to explore our inner worlds and shadow selves. It can mean healing from past trauma or abuse. Strength is also the courage we use to set appropriate boundaries that support and protect the healing we have done.

When it comes to healing others, strength may look more like the humility of acceptance. Strength is needed to dismantle ableist ideas that create arbitrary standards for wellness. It takes courage to kick perfectionism to the curb. Healing cannot occur as long as performance and production are the yardsticks of recovery. When we give our strength to help others, it should be on that person’s terms and we should do so with no expectation of outcome or reciprocation.

I always call myself a “bad nurse” because I struggle with ableism that is rooted in oppressive perfectionism. I still have a lot of fear around disability that is rooted in cultural stereotypes, despite being a disability advocate. This is a shadow I’m actively working to heal, and one way I do so is by listening and learning from individuals who may fall outside of the narrow definition of able-bodied. Thus diversity in ability becomes the norm, and “illness” is a journey or a state of being not a disaster or moral failure.

One final meditation about strength I offer is to release your fear around sickness and injury. Life comes in so many different shapes and sizes. It reduces our possibility as a species to say our soul’s journey can only take place in one kind of body.

Deck: Brady Tarot and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle