Daily Reading Mar 18

Thu Mar 18

Today’s cards speak to our ongoing tension between stability and transformation.

The Ten of Pentacles (illustrated here as an Alligator, with crystals as Pentacles) is steeped in the structured earth energy of Saturn.

Pluto carries the transformational energy of birth, death and renewal. Pluto is power, but where will it’s explosive energy be deployed?

These cards ask us to question where we may have gotten so comfortable in the name of security that we miss opportunities for positive growth or change. It may also point to the responsibility for social change that some still resist so they may maintain power.

Pluto demands that we act on what we know. It reminds us that what has been seen cannot be unseen, and forces us to make changes (transformational in nature) based on what has been revealed.

I must cut to the chase and remind the collective that this is directly tied to white supremacy and how we either complicity uphold or actively dismantle white power. If you are on social media you have certainly seen calls to name the recent shootings as what they are: racially motivated hate crimes against Asian women. One example of today’s energy in practice is ensuring the narrative continues to bring this point home, even as excuses are made for the shooter and his actions. Whiteness protects whiteness and then gaslights those who tell a different story.

We cannot continue as though there is no need for transformation now that desperate cries for change have reached our ears.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and AstroOracle

Daily Reading Feb 5

Fri Feb 5

Love is in the air as we glide closer to the time of traditional romantic celebrations.

Today’s cards feel like a continuation if our ongoing astrological themes. Venus sits right in the mix of all the heavy hitters in Aquarius (Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, and Mercury Rx) and will transit each one in turn as she makes her way through Aquarius.

We will be asked to question what we need in our relationships as well as what others need from us. This Valentine’s Day is not sugar-coated. It requires a hard look at the reality of what love is… and what it isn’t.

In order to understand our place in the romantic landscape we have to accept our own issues, complexities, ugliness and beauty. We have to learn to love ourselves outside of what society says we should be. How can we desire unconditional love from another when we are not yet able to give that love to ourselves?

Our oppressive capitalist culture depends on feelings of scarcity and inadequacy. Far beyond a market for transferring the basic goods necessary for life, our economy and those who extract profit from it depend on our self loathing so that we will purchase a solution to our suffering. We are taught to consume in order to make ourselves lovable.

These structures are crumbling, and fast. The facade is thin and folks are starting to clearly see where we are being manipulated in order to maintain existing structures of power.

Self love outside of this system is scary and challenging. It can feel like stepping away from a fully set table to scavenge in the wilderness. But through that journey into the unknown, you may discover treasures and talents that you have kept hidden out of fear. Fear of ridicule, fear of rejection. But herein also lies the secret to your satisfaction, happiness, and possibly success outside of expected performative norms.

“Commitment to truth-telling lays the groundwork for the openness and honesty that is the heartbeat of love. When we can see ourselves as we truly are and accept ourselves, we build the necessary foundation for self-love.”
-bell hooks