Daily Reading Mar 6

Sat Mar 6

Today’s cards speak to following your heart to generate security and prosperity.

This one hits close to home for me. I am always torn between what I want to do and what is “expected” from society. It’s made even more complicated because I want to help society, and have that be my life purpose, but I want to do it in a totally unique and transformative way. This in turn creates feelings of uncertainty as I’m nervous about how my new creations will be received. Will they have value? Will they help me “make a living?”

Right now Saturn in Aquarius is square Uranus in Taurus. This oppositional energy will continue until June.

This transit carries special weight for me as I have the same square in my natal chart, where Saturn in Leo in my 2nd house is square Uranus in Scorpio in my 5th house.

Because of my (ahem) mid-life age (44 in April) I am past the much discussed Saturn return, but currently experiencing both my Uranus and Saturn opposition.

This is the crescendo of the much talked about “mid-life crisis” which kicked off for me with my Pluto square in 2014. In my opinion, this is a natal transit that will be much discussed as young astrologers enter their late 30s. If you do not heed the lessons of your Saturn return (hint, I sort of did) then Pluto square will blow up whatever else is holding you back from your true purpose. On the exact date of my Pluto square, my teaching career exploded. I should have left years earlier; Pluto finished the job.

And so the cycles continue. As we experience life’s often considerable challenges we are asked to learn, adapt, change and grow. We’re not supposed to know what we’re doing or even what’s next. But we are asked to listen to our inner voice when it whispers that the winds of change are blowing our way. If we do not follow our calling as we know and understand it, the universe will continue to try and guide us toward our destiny in any way it can – which may mean tearing out the existing foundation and starting over again.

We cannot guarantee security, but we are more abundant when we follow our heart.

Deck: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of the Cat People