Daily Reading Mar 21

Sun Mar 21

Spring energy continues to bloom today. In the pagan calendar, today is the festival of Ostara, a celebration that is echoedin the Christain narrative of Easter. At the center of these rituals is the divine magic of death and rebirth. We see the promise of fertility even while we anticipate the eventual harvest, the remains of which will fertilize soil for a new crop. Resurrection represents the cycle of life.

The mysteries of the unknown that fuel our eternal cycle are embodied in the energy of Aquarius/Uranus. In this air sign we encounter the ethereal insight that fuels our Pisces daydreams and eventually Aries action.

Our cards today are an invitation to go beyond the known and dip into the source of that eternal mystery. We are reminded that our internal world is as vast as the external environment (As above, so below. As without, so within). The hermit is associated with self-reflection, soul searching, and withdrawal.

While spring bursts forth all around us, there may still be fertile subterranean ground to explore in our own shadows. The myth of Christ’s death and resurrection is one example of this energy. What was Jesus doing in the tomb for three days? He wasn’t going on a spring break bar tour, that’s for sure.

Although we tend to focus on the baby chicks, blooming trees and longer days spring brings (in the Northern hemisphere) there is a darker side of this season that also demands exploration. Before we can plant our crops we must tend to the soil. We must turn under the remnants of the past so they may fertilize new growth.

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