Daily Reading Mar 16

Tue Mar 16

Today’s cards are an interesting invitation to dive into our past.

Let’s take a minute to talk about the North and South nodes. In astronomy, these are lunar nodes, the points where the Moon in her orbit intersects the ecliptic plane of earth’s orbit.

In astrology, these nodes in our natal chart align with our karmic path. The South Node represents where and who we have been in past lives, while to North node points thecway toward our destiny in this lifetime and gives us some information about our life purpose, or that action which is most in alignment with our individual soul journey.

On a collective level, we can look at the daily node transits to see where we are traveling on our evolutionary path as humans. Right now the North Node is in Gemini and the South Node is in Sagittarius. Gemini = ideas and communication and Sagittarius = learning and exploration. How do you read this transit?

I would say that we are being asked to use the lessons we learned during the past 6 months to inform our ideas and communication moving forward.

The appearance of the Hierophant (depicted as an eagle Shaman in this deck) gives a decidedly spiritual flavor to this reading. It encourages us to focus on those lessons that center around our spiritual traditions. Are we continuing traditions because they are important and have personal or collective value, or are we simply going through the motions because it is expected of us, or because we fear what will happen if we don’t do what we’ve always done?

It may be a good time to consider the intersection between knowledge of spiritual tradition and how you actually enact that knowledge in practice. Some things to consider might be avoiding appropriation, honoring your own ancestral traditions, and keeping an eye out for spiritual bypassing.

The privilege of whiteness requires extra care in examining how we (white ppl) use spiritual tools to dismantle, not sustain, systems of oppression.

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot and AstroOracle