Daily Reading Mar 3

Wed Mar 3

The Tower doesn’t come up very often in daily readings, but when it does it signifies a period of tremendous change.

Saturn remains in a square with Uranus. This leads an overall “boundary breaking” feeling our energy as the structure and discipline of Saturn pushes against the rebellious nature of Uranus. There will continue to be social unrest that in turn requires intense personal growth through most of 2021 as these planets square off. This is Tower energy.

Another energetic shift in the astro world occurs as Mars leaves Taurus, an earth sign tied to material abundance, and moves into Gemini, an air sign focused on communication. Ideas may begin to flow more freely and our attention turns from making cozy homes to arranging a spring fling. Mars transits each sign for about 8 weeks, so this firey energy in Gemini will take us into springtime.

Our cards remind us today that the world turns on its axis, the sun rises and sets, planets travel on their orbit and the moon waxes and wanes. We cannot control these things nor would we want to, for while we frequently take them for granted these are the building blocks of life. We can only appreciate the divine timing of nature’s magic and study how her energy may influence our physical bodies and collective thoughts here on earth. In doing so, we acknowledge that chaos is part of the journey. We gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and thus better understand how to belong to the human family.

Deck: Divine Feather Messenger and Tarot of the Cat People