Daily Reading Jan 29

Fri Jan 29

Pallas is an asteroid, the second to be discovered, after Ceres. In Greek mythology, Pallas is often used as another name for Athena. As such, it is linked to warrior goddess energy.

Interestingly, the story of Pallas Athena has a twist. There is a parallel myth in which Athena has a childhood friend, a girl named Pallas. After a quarrel, Zeus (Athena’s father) distracts Pallas, allowing Athena to kill her. As is the case with many myths, Athena is immediately flooded with regret for her act of passionate violence.

Presented with the Two of Swords, Pallas cautions us to use discretion in our application of force, especially in our partnerships and relationships.

Many cooperative groups are dissolving or reforming at this time. As you participate in these changing dynamics, consider how you might resolve any conflicts that arise with tact and diplomacy.

You might feel like striking down your opponent in righteous anger. While satisfying, this dramatic approach may cause you more challenges in the long run.

There us no need to burn bridges or destroy the entire situation in order to enact boundaries or assert your needs. Yest, sometimes a complete retreat or a clean break is necessary. If so, use your wisdom and maturity to extract yourself with as much grace and kindness as you can muster.

Deck: Astro-Oracle and Tarot of the Cat People